Dragon Eggs…Awesome Sleeper-Hit, iPad Game!

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Dragon Eggs, by RGH Games, LLC, is a “sleeper-hit” iPad game that to this point has been mostly overlooked. Perhaps it is the unusually fresh-physics gameplay this iPad game app brings to the table, or perhaps it is the tremendous competition to get attention in the iTunes App Store (I think the later). Dragon Eggs features Orella, a mother dragon, who has to safely and successfully transport her egg (baby Oswyn) to the various nests throughout the level gameplay. There are power-ups such as fire breath to help Orella get rid of obstacles, and 3 changing environments or caverns to traverse through. The fresh-physics appeal in this game is the task of having to balance an egg on the back of Orella while flying to each nest. This is no easy task, since the controls are opposite of what one would think, you tap left to fly right and right to fly left — takes a little getting used to. Getting this under control and balancing the egg through the treacherous cavern environment is what makes this game a “sleeper-hit”. The graphics are exceptional in this game and really make the game have a unique-quality feel. Dragon Eggs only has 45 levels for this iPad game, but that is a super steal at only $0.99, so definitely pick this one up — because it’s a fresh and fun iPad game. Watch our iPad video app reviews for a look at more iPad demos and reviews. CM

ipad game reviewsipad app reviews

Dragon Eggs iPad App Details

Title: Dragon Eggs
Cost: $0.99
Size: 93.3 MB
Category: Games
Developer: RGH Games LLC
Store: iTunes App Store

Dragon Eggs iPad App Download

Dragon Eggs - RGH Games LLC

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Dragon Eggs iPad App Developer Description

iOS iPad
“Dragon Eggs is a true puzzle game that will not only have a players brain working overtime, but their fingers as well.” – Apptudes.com

Dragon Eggs is an exciting physics-based puzzle game in which you control Orella the Dragon as she moves her egg (containing the soon to hatch baby dragon Oswyn) from one nest to another through a series of twisting and dangerous caverns.

* 45 Puzzles across three unique environments
* Time-based challenges
* Gem power-ups that allow Orella to breathe fire
* Game Center Support
* Easy to play, difficult to master
* Unlockable player character.

Produced by RGH Games LLC. Developed by RGH Games LLC and F84 Games.

What’s new

* Added story elements
* You can now invert the controls
* Improved frame-rate and stability
* Tuned gameplay to make it more intuitive to control Orella
* Modified gem power-ups

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