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Dragon & Shoemaker, Challenging 3D Platformer Game for Android!

Run, jump, roll and fight your way through 50 challenging levels of 3D side-scrolling platform gameplay in the Android Arcade game, Dragon & Shoemaker. This game transports you to a place in medieval Krakow, Poland, where you traverse your way through 5 game areas reminiscent of this period in Polish history. Like the old Polish tale this game is based on, your goal is to kill the dragon and become the legendary “Dragon Slayer.”

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But completing all 50 levels is going to require jumping skills, timely rolling maneuvers, and split-second decision making. You will also be introduced to new animal and non-animal obstacles as you play through the game, with each obstacle having a unique way of gaining access past it. There are also traditional ways to perish in this game such as falling off cliffs, hitting pointy objects, or falling into water. But let’s take a look at the heart of this Android platformer game.

Platformer Game, Dragon & Shoemaker Android App Review

Dragon & Shoemaker Game Overview

You play as a humble Shoemaker with the goal of becoming a hero. To do that, you must first pass through the 5 game areas successfully (Meadow, Village, City, Castle and Cave), completing all 50 levels. But you cannot do this in bare feet, and not without a stick and hat. As you play through the game you will collect these items, each giving you a tactical advantage. The shoes let you perform a double jump, which is the only way to pass the bear; the stick is handy for swatting wolves and foxes, and the hat lets you roll past the eagle.

Dragon & Shoemaker Android App Review Video

Dragon & Shoemaker also has very well done 3D graphics and subtle nuances that make the gameplay feel more intimate. For example, at times you will have an unfocused tree appear in front of the much more visually clear gameboard visuals, adding an obstacle that makes you feel as if you are running parallel to the Shoemaker. This is a very nice developmental touch by 4Toon Studio that makes this platformer game a grade above many others in the Google Play App Store.

To complete all areas you will need to collect the required amount of sheep, which is a secondary objective. Your first, of course, is to stay alive. You will also collect coins and gems as you beat back animals, hit chests and other items. You will want to discover potions because these little red vials will enable checkpoints. Without the checkpoints when you die, you will have to start from the very beginning of whatever level you are on.

3D Side Scroller Platform Game Review for Dragon & Shoemaker

Dragon & Shoemaker also features 2 game difficulty settings. There is the regular Casual difficulty setting and a Hard difficulty setting for those looking for very challenging gameplay.

Dragon & Shoemaker Gameplay

Personally, I got sucked into this game but it wasn’t on the first level. It took me a few levels before I started to feel the story come alive in the game. But once it did, I got fully engulfed into it and found myself wanting to continue each time I got killed to see what was next. What was next in each level is another item, like the magic shoes that allow the Shoemaker to double jump, or the hat allowing him to roll. There are also loads of fun animal obstacles like bison, storks, eagles, cows, pigs, horses, bears and others requiring you to perform the correct movement to pass by them. This is where short term memory and quick reflexes will really help you out. As for me, I died a lot, mostly from not jumping at the right time or hitting a wolf or fox at the right moment.


Dragon & Shoemaker is well worth the $0.99 download and is probably one of the best Android platformer games I have played. And if you play this game, do yourself a favor: make sure you take time to pay attention to the very well done graphics as you play through this fun-to-play Android Arcade game. Enjoy!

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Developer: 4toon Studio
Android OS Arcade Application, Cost: $0.99, v. 1.24
Dragon & Shoemaker
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 04/22/2014
Prepare for a challenging 3D side scrolling platform game that takes place in medieval Krakow, Poland.
4 / 5 stars

About The Developer

The 4toon Studio company was founded in May 2012. Dragon & Shoemaker is our first project; it’s an arcade game on mobile phones, running the operating systems Android, iOS and Windows Phone. 4toon Studio is located in Krakow, Poland.

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