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DreamBeam – Dream Induction App and REM Alarm!

DreamBeam (by GROW APP) is a unique iPhone application that may help induce your dreams. This Lifestyle app has the potential to spark your imagination and induce dreams with the 2 dream-type environments provided. I don’t know about you but my dreams are powerful expressions of the things going on in my life; sometimes I recall dreams months later — weird, I know.

This iPhone app’s premise is to help you bring about dreams, but more specifically, a way to help you try to control your dreams through viewing a short introduction dream-themed video containing beautiful motion graphics and targeted sounds to help set your state of mind and help you recall these imagery and sounds once you enter the REM sleep state. So, here is how it works: you select one of the two themes, either the Sea or Jungle dream pack, set your alarm time, and then watch the short video for your selected dream type. The suggestion is to watch the video and try to “get into it” by noting both the detailed sounds and imagery. Once done, you place your iPhone under your pillow (app open) face down and with the iPhone plugged in. Once the app recognizes that you are in REM sleep state (iPhone motion sensors), which is typically when we all begin to move more in our sleep, the dream video you watched begins to play again, hopefully causing you to dream.

iphone video app reviewiphone video app review

I know what your thinking — yeah, right! Well, rightly so. This app only works on about 50% of the population, so there is no guarantee. Additionally, while the developers would love to be able to help you control your dreams, there is no guarantee. But, the overall idea is that the dream video you watch will cause an associated dream when using this app. The developers have gone out of their way to be very fair and provide a FREE version of this app so that you can test the Sea dream (and you also will get the REM alarm clock, at least that is what I call it). The alarm clock once set provides waking at just the right time, either a little before or after your desired wake time to ensure you awake as refreshed as possible. While DreamBeam is a unique and creative app that will not work for everyone, it’s certainly worth a FREE test for curiosity’s sake, and if it works, you could be in for some really awesome dreams. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete look at this Lifestyle iPhone app. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

DreamBeam iPhone App Details

Title: DreamBeam
Price: $0.99
Category: Lifestyle
Size: 95.1 MB
Developer: GROW APP
Store: iTunes App Store

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DreamBeam - GROW APP

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DreamBeam iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone


Have you ever wondered how would it be like to control your own dreams? Have you ever wondered how would it be like to choose your own dreams? To immerse into the world of your choice, and let the dream be woven by your imagination? To induce the dreams just the way you want?

Well, it’s not that far away as one might think. Thanks to Dream Beam – an application that can induce your dreams!

We read tons of books, talked to dozens of scientists, performed numerous experiments and watched every movie about dreaming that has ever been shot.

So, how does it work?

1. You choose one of our offered dreams and watch a special intro to your dream – just before going to sleep.
2. You put your phone under your pillow so it knows when you enter the REM phase (people tend to move more in this phase).
3. That’s when the magic starts. Your phone starts playing special sounds to induce your dream.
4. Your phone wakes you up in the very best moment – based on you sleep pattern

Does it always work? Well dreams are a very complicated issue – everything depends on your perception and individual aspects, also on your will to dream! Scientists told us that our method should work on 50% on the population. Wouldn’t you like to check whether you are in the better half? 🙂

We create the dream environment – the jungle, the sea or dozens of other dreams still yet to come. You create your dream.
And everything is designed by great artists! Just take a look at our screenshots.

– dreams scenarios and designs come from a great contemporary paintress and are partly inspired by old masters’ art
– best digital designers work on graphic and motion design
– soundtrack is composed by a great artist, real sound storyteller, experienced in composing for great plays, movies and exhibitions

Enough. Stop reading. Start dreaming!

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