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Drive with Zombies 3D – High Speed Zombie-Smashing Fun!

Drive with Zombies 3D (by Tapinator) is going to take you speeding down some unknown desert highway smashing and shooting zombies off of 1 of 5 different vehicles currently available, all for FREE!  This Android racing app is very similar to Zombie Highway for the iPhone and iPad. You get 2 FREE rides or vehicles and if you want a few superior vehicles they will cost you a few bucks ($0.99 to $2.99) through in app purchase. This endless survivalist game puts you behind the wheel of whatever vehicle you select to race down the desert highway. Zombies jump onto your car from both sides, trying to flip the car over so they can eat your brains like a tasty cupcake.

Drive with Zombies 3D FREE Android Games App ReviewsDrive with Zombies 3D FREE Android Games App Reviews

As in Zombie Highway, you smash the zombies into the many obstacles you have to dodge in order to successfully navigate your way down the highway. If you smash into an obstacle with too much mass, well, your toast. There is another tool to relieve the pesky zombies from trying to flip your car over and eat your brains out — that would be a pistol. Currently there is a what appears to be a 9mm available, again for FREE that you use by tapping on the red arrow on either side of the car when zombies are attached to the outside. The pistol is rather effective and will definitely help you to survive longer. Drive with Zombies 3D has a lot of room to grow and there are currently more weapons already in development. But, don’t be surprised to see more locations, more vehicles, and more zombies to come.
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Drive with Zombies 3D FREE Android App Details

Title: Drive with Zombies 3D
Price: FREE
Category: Racing
Size: 17 MB
Developer: Tapinator
Store: Android Market/Amazon App Store

Drive with Zombies 3D FREE Android App Download Link

Drive with Zombies 3D – Android Market

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Drive with Zombies 3D FREE Android App Developers Description

Driving, shooting, and zombies…all in one!
Drive your car down a desert highway as Zombies leap at your vehicle and attempt to flip you over! How long can you survive the zombie attack?

You have a few weapons at your disposal. Obstacles in the road will help you swipe zombies off. But, be careful – crash directly into obstacles and you’ll lose. You also have a gun. Use your firearm to slaughter some zombies as you shoot from the driver’s seat.

Game features:
– 5 cars available
– Highly addictive gameplay
– Tilt to steer
– Tap to shoot a zombie
– Counter for miles driven
– Counter for zombie kills
– More weapons, vehicles, and zombie types coming soon

If you like games like Drag Racing, Tiki Kart, Top Truck, Racing Splitter Moto, Ninja Dash, Bike Mania, or Stick Stunt Biker, then you’ll love Drive with Zombies.

And, if you play Temple Run or Zombie Highway, you wont be able to put DwZ down!
Survive for as long as you can and make it onto the Drive with Zombies leaderboard!
The leaderboard features ranking for miles driven and zombie kills.

Good luck and let the zombie killing begin!

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