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Driving Quiz Pro for iPhone – Needs A Tune Up

Driving Quiz Pro (by Nydtech) is an Education app that teaches the rules of the road for a handful of US states through multiple choice DMV-type tests to help you pass your next state driver’s exam. The 2 types of tests (Practice or Test) cover the driving topics of: “Traffic Control, Intersection and Turns, Passing, Parallel Parking, Defensive Driving, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Special Driving Condition, Sharing The Road, and Road Signs You Must Know.” Since I have teenage drivers at home, I’d thought this would be a great way to reinforce what they should know — and it never hurts to see what I (hopefully) remember. Right off the bat I liked the nice simple graphics and easy to use user interface. Driving Quiz Pro has a smooth moving user interface and nice sound effects (I like the automatic door unlock and lock sound), but the music selection is a little weird to me — I’d call it late 70’s – early 80’s Easy Lizard Lounge Listening, but this can be turned off if you choose, along with the app sound effects. Driving Quiz Pro does provide clear and easy to follow instructions in the help area to get you going.

Using the American flag as a background adds a nice touch to the test choice screen area. Again, I really like the simplicity of this app and the graphics throughout. It was when it came time to choose a state to test driving rule knowledge that the disappointment set in. Currently, there are only 5 states available (California, Florida, illinois, New York, and Texas). From the developer’s iTunes app description, I was expecting all 50 states or at least way more than 5: “You can select the State, which driving rules you want to see. There will be maximum 60 questions on each State you can practice.” Luckily for me, we live in Florida, so this app works for my purposes — but definitely limits their user base. After selecting 1 of the 5 states, you’ll use an adjustable slider to customize the number of multiple choice questions asked (5 – 60 with 4 possible answers each) — Hit the “Go” sign and off you go. It was kind of funny to see that the developers used lined loose leaf paper to take the test on. It reminds me of being back in school on test days and anxiously waiting for my teacher to begin asking questions for which I had to write down my corresponding answers.

For each correctly answered multiple choice, you’ll get a green check mark and a pleasant “ding” sound, as well as 1 point added to the top of your paper category (Correct or Incorrect) — and a quick flip of the page. Answering questions incorrectly delivers an abrupt “tweet-tweet” sound of a whistle and red “x” — and the green check mark for the right answer. Although Driving Quiz Pro does provide the correct answer, the page-turn animation moves so fast that you barely have enough time to double check yourself. I also don’t like how you can’t go back to the previous page to look at the previous question. Unfortunately, if you accidentally hit the lower right arrow (skip button), you’ll skip the question you are on with no way to go back because you are forced to move ahead on to the next question. And if you hit the top left arrow, you’ll be transported back to the test choice screen and have to start all over again — it’s a bummer when you make that mistake. You should be able to save progress. Once you complete your exam, a nice clipboard graphic appears with your results (Total Question count, time it took to complete test, correct and incorrect answers, amount not answered and overall score percent — along with a nice “Passed” stamp of approval. The testing format is the same, but now has an adjustable time component and questions are asked in random order. I have to say the time aspects puts on a little more pressure on you, but you can control that — it just depends on how intense you want it to be. I set a 1 minute time for 5 questions.


Overall, I love the concept of this app that quizzes you and prepares you for your state DMV test, and think the game center leader boards add to the competitive fun, but was disappointed by the lack of app depth and lack of states included, the small number of grammatical/spelling errors that I saw during the limited time I tested this app (ex:Elepsed instead of Elapsed time shown on the final score results), the issues mentioned above, as well as the inability to see the questions missed on the tests and the chance to retake those ones only (to improve). Based on the developer’s description, they will be adding a European version (how about the other US States first?) and “PDF for read your state’s driver’s handbook/manual in landscape,” which is a good idea, but right now, I’d say this driving app is a great concept — but needs a tune up.

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    nice application for US driving license applicants……