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Duck Dynasty Game, Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards..Funny! (Video)

This Duck Dynasty game, Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards, is a funny and fun-to-play series of “redneck” mini-games that challenge you to become the ultimate “redneck.” So you want to become a redneck? Well, you must first prove your “redneckness” as you play through 15+ “redneckifying” mini-games featuring the stars from the A&E hit Duck Dynasty reality TV show to prove that you’re worthy to wear the beard!

Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards iPhone App Review Video!


Duck Dynasty Game Overview

This Duck Dynasty app is more than a game, it’s a challenge to see if you have what it takes to be a redneck. By scoring points from successfully completing the mini-games, you can upgrade your character adding clothes, sun glasses, facial hair, camouflage and more. This iPhone game has similar gameplay to the funny Dumb Ways To Die game, but with Robertson-Louisiana-redneck-flavored mini-games.

Duck Dynasty Game iPhone App Review

The 15+ mini-games include a nice variety of touch games such as: 1.) Throwing cookies into Si’s mouth, 2.) Separating berries from Raccoon poop, 3.) Lighting fuse(s) to blow up a beaver dam, 4.) Shooting a radio, and 5.) Hunting ducks or squirrels. There are several other funny Duck Dynasty mini-games to complete and all need to be done within a specific amount of time. For each game you are given, there are 3 redneck lives represented by an avatar with a bear. Once you lose a life by failing to successfully complete any of the redneck mini-games, one of your 3 bearded avatars gets its beard shaved off. Each time you play, you try to beat your high score by completing more mini games than before. Once you have lost your 3 lives, your game is over. You score points by completing mini-games and leveling up, which allows you to become a redneck.

My Guy

You start out as a bluetooth-headset-wearing city slicker. You can change your name from “My Guy” to anything else by tapping on the edit button, and then start to play. The idea is to become a Robertson redneck by earning cash. There is a wide assortment of items to change your yuppie guy into a redneck.

Beard Talk

This is a new addition to the Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards since it originally came out. This features real-life advice from Phil, Willie, Jase or Si in their own words. But to unlock these Robertson words of wisdom, you will have to earn cash to unlock or fork out your own cash through in app purchase. I got some very good advice from Phil about chainsaws; it was very accurate. Beard Talk is a very cool addition to this Duck Dynasty app. All Duck Dynasty fans will want this mobile app just for that part of the game alone.

Duck Dynasty Game Battle of the Beards iPhone App Review

Becoming a true Robertson redneck is going to take you some time. You don’t just get to play a few games and wear the beard. As you continue to level up and earn cash you can purchase new beards, hair styles, sunglasses, caps, pants and other cool redneck stuff. There is a faster way to change from the suit-wearing city guy, you start out as, to a full-fledged redneck much faster – which is through in app purchase.

How to Play Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards

When you first start you can only play the game. But once you play your first game, the “My Guy” button and “Beard Talk” button will become unlocked. The first game you play you will have help from on-screen tutorials showing you what to do for each mini-game. But this quickly goes away, requiring you to figure out how to complete each game based on the instructions given. For example, a raccoon quickly leaves the screen and you can see brownish round objects and red-like-colored berries. The object of this little mini-game is to pick up the all the berries and not the poop before time runs out. There are touch to shoot games, swipe to throw games, and games where you will have to not only shake your iPhone, but you may have to use your voice as well. You’ll figure it out.

Your ultimate goal is to get a slick, long, redneck-style beard, and hair and clothes to become worthy of the “beard.”

iPhone Game Review for Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards

My Take

This Duck Dynasty game is a great casual game to play whenever you have a few extra moments to spare. Whether you are waiting at the Dr.’s Office or just need a 10 minute mindless break from work, a few minutes of playing Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards is good for the soul.

This game is now available for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire devices. See download links below!

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Developer: A&E - Red Interactive Agency
iOS iPhone Games app, Cost: $0.99, v 1.5.2
Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 03/04/2014
4.5 / 5 stars

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