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Dude Perfect Android Game – Nothing But Net Baby!!!

Dude Perfect for the Android will have you bouncing basketballs off of houses, clouds and just about everything else to rack in this silly, yet fun arcade style game. I remember the days as a kid when I would try to shoot a basketball into a basket from a lot of crazy places, bouncing it off of a house, car, or whatever else, always trying to land that awesome trick shot. Dude Perfect creates that same experience on the iPhone and Android, and gives you points for bouncing a basketball off of just about anything to include clouds, grass, balloons, houses, planes, ladders, and a whole lot more, oh yea, and for making the ball in the basket. But, the points, big air, and other scoring opportunities (as well as making the basket) is really the goal of this 3 star level casual game.


You can play as a variety of characters in this game and there are numerous balls to use (basketball, bowling ball, and beach ball), as well as some un-lockable stuff, which requires in app purchase. The best thing about this game is that it is jam-packed with a bunch of levels of crazy basket-making challenges where you’re going to have to get a bit creative to be successful. So, lace up your shoes and check out Dude Perfect if you’re looking for a fun and unusual basketball trick shot making game. Watch the Android app video below for to see a full review of this application. Check out our other Android app reviews. Crazy Mike

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Dude Perfect Android App Details

Title: Dude Perfect
Price: $0.99
Category: Sports Games
Size: 16 MB
Developer: Dude Perfect
Store: Android Market/Amazon App Store

Dude Perfect Android App Developers Description

Master the art of the trick-shot!
#1 SPORTS GAME!!! Our hit game is now on Android!
Get in the March Madness spirit with this super addictive basketball game!

We’re Dude Perfect™—the YouTube guys that bring you the world’s craziest basketball shots—and we’re thrilled to introduce the first ever trick-shot basketball game! Prove you have what it takes to master the art of the trick-shot by taking, and making, the most epic shots imaginable!

Few can handle the challenge: a killer combination physics-based puzzler and super addictive sports adventure!

Thanks so much for the incredible support!

Cool Things:

Endless hours of rim-rattling, fist-pumping, that-just-happened, net-swishing fun!
Perfectly optimized for your killer Android Phone or Tablet.
CREATE your own SWEET LEVELS with the CUSTOM LEVEL EDITOR available in the DP store!
For massive multiplayer awesomeness, BATTLE against your best friends—or arch enemies.

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