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Dungeon Hunter 4 – Decent Freemium Hack and Slash Game (Video)

Dungeon Hunter 4 got off to a bad start, but a recent update fixes the difficulty balance, adds 100 new levels, increases multiplayer gameplay and more in this freemium Hack and Slash Game.

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The original version of Dungeon Hunter 4 was, to say the least, a disappointment. The gameplay was too difficult causing a poor user experience for this freemium mobile game. A few updates later and Dungeon Hunter 4 has become a decent freemium game. The original Dungeon Hunter titles were a 1x purchase and were much more fun to play. The freemium versions of Dungeon Hunter (Dungeon Hunter 3 and Dungeon Hunter 4) leave a lot to be desired.

On the good side, Dungeon Hunter 4 is a large RPG Hack and Slash game with stellar graphics. On the downside, the Dungeon Hunting is less hunting and more hacking & slashing waves of enemies. The other main disappointment, as already alluded to, is the freemium game model. Forking out cash to continue to play causes this game to lose its lustre. And apparently I am not alone.

Currently Dungeon Hunter 4 ranks 500+ in the Games category with an overall 4.5 user review rating (via AppAnnie).

I’d say Dungeon Hunter 4 is a much better game since being updated and is worthy of a download.


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