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Top-Rated Ear Training App Will Fine Tune Your Musical Skill

Whether you’re new to the music world or an old pro, ear training is a very important skill every musician will want to master. And the goodEar Intervals – Ear Training app is the perfect Music app to help you become a better listener and performer. This iPhone and iPad ear training tool will challenge you as you compete against yourself in a variety of interactive exercises. These practice exercises will test your ability to recognize and complete both small and big intervals, and in a variety of patterns. This musical education app also comes with plenty of customization options and the ability to track your progress too.

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The goodEar Intervals – Ear Training app features a simple user interface and a virtual piano keyboard to practice your listening and repeating skills on. This Music app focuses on a variety of perfect, major and minor intervals (distance of one note to another) between 2 octaves. One of the nicest things about this ear training app is that you control your whole practice experience. You can choose as many or as few intervals as you want, as well your interval order (ascending, descending, etc.).

You can start out simple and work with 1 interval and then practice your way up to include all 24 intervals (from Perfect unison to Major fourteenth). With this musical tool you can also choose your interval order. Intervals can be practiced simultaneously, in ascending or descending order, or mix it up and choose “Random” order for a more challenging experience. With this iPhone and iPad learning app you also have the option to adjust your tempo speed, as well as to play a backing chord along with an interval, in order to hear the intervals in harmonic context.

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After you’ve set up your preferred interval format, get ready to listen and complete the interval you hear. You’ll hear the first note played for you and indicated on the keyboard in green, and the second note is yours to complete. If you chose the right key, it’ll appear in green, and if not the piano key will show in red. But no big deal because you can tap the “Answer” button if you’re stuck to reveal the correct placement. With 3 simple buttons (New Interval, Play Again, Answer), you’re well on your way to mastering this musical skill.

Although I enjoyed playing the exercises on the piano keyboard and answering the “musical question” in piano mode, if you prefer, you can also opt to choose the correct answer using the multiple choice board format instead. It shows the intervals by their proper name (Perfect fifth, Major third, etc.). And to keep you motivated to practice in this ear training app, goodEar tracks and displays your progress stats on the screen. This is supposed to encourage you to continually challenge yourself to beat your last highest score.

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Overall, I think the goodEar Intervals – Ear Training application is a really nice ear training tool for all musicians. The only things missing in this top-rated app (in my opinion) are helpful instructions and music theory definitions that would be very much appreciated by the newbie musician.

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