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Easy Chinese Writing – Intuitive, Multi-Language Learning

easy chinese writing – i write chinese is a multi-language iPhone app that makes learning to write Simplified Chinese characters easy. It’s user friendly and provides audio translations in English, French, Spanish, Japanese & Korean. The Chinese language to me is one of the harder languages to learn based on the breadth of characters and the variations of form. The 2 different forms of the Chinese language that I’m aware of are: Simplified Chinese, which is used in Mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore, and Traditional Chinese, which is used in Hong Kong and Taiwan — and by many others overseas. This application, specifically designed for the iPhone, provides easy step-by-step instructions to learn a larger number of Simplified Chinese characters. The app has 12 main categories covering a large number of everyday items and activities (Size, Fruits, Body, Direction, Transportation, Weather, Family, People, Color, Numbers, Nature, and Food). Each category includes 17 Simplified Chinese characters to learn as well as 5 compound words.

Learning each character or compound word (which is made up of multiple characters) is intuitive and easy to do. Tap on the character or compound word in the category of your choice and you will be taken into a step-by-step process with numbered lines to draw using your finger or stylus to construct the character stroke by stroke. There is an orange speaker symbol in the upper right of the character screen that when tapped on will provide you the correct “Pin Yin System” phonetic pronunciation. The audio is very useful for understanding how to correctly pronounce the character you are learning to draw. Believe it or not, at this point you may not even know what the character you’re drawing means in English, but to find this out tap on the flag icon in the upper right when in the character drawing screen and you will enter another screen (still providing the character) where you can tap the orange speaker to hear the character in the “Pin Yin System,” as well as the opportunity to read and hear the character translated into English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean. So, not only are you learning Chinese, but you are also exposed to other languages as well.

iphone app demoiphone app demo

This app is designed to make you work a bit to learn Chinese, but learning is the overall objective of this application. This seems to be done quite subtly and in an intuitive enough way as to not be frustrating. The characters can be drawn over and over again by tapping on the erase icon at the bottom center of the character screen — there is arrow navigation to take you forward and backwards. This iPhone app is a great way to broaden your general Chinese learning, specifically on how to write the Simplified Chinese characters. A while back, we had conducted an iPad app demo for another app related to this one called easy chinese writing (simplified) – i write chinese, which is for the iPad only and sells for $1.99 — it also provides the same Simplified Chinese Character learning.

I was a little dismayed at first when I entered the app to find Chinese text below the categories instead of English, but after using the app for a bit this made total sense to me. The category icons are very well done and do a great job of visually explaining each category. The idea is to learn the characters in this app and take what you have learned to begin making up word combinations from what you have learned. The category names can easily be figured out by searching for each character making up the category name and learning to draw that character. easy chinese writing – i write chinese is a nice value at only $1.99, it’s easy to use, provides a simple step-by-step process to learn what many would think of as a very difficult language discipline, and provides many languages for a multi-language experience. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for Easy Chinese Writing – I Write Chinese for a complete look at this iPhone education application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

easy chinese writing – i write chinese iPhone App Details

Title: easy chinese writing – i write chinese
Price: $1.99
Category: Education
Size: 51.5 MB
Developer: Uniproducts Company Ltd
Store: iTunes App Store

easy chinese writing – i write chinese iPhone App Download Link

easy chinese writing - i write chinese - Uniproducts Company Ltd

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easy chinese writing – i write chinese iPhone Developers App Description

iOS iPhone

Welcome to easy chinese writing – i write chinese with audio translation in English, French, Spanish, Japanese & Korean app for iphone.

We are glad that you are here to learn more of our app and we wish this app will be useful for more and more new chinese learners each day.

Learn Chinese with easy Chinese writing, “easy chinese writing – i write chinese” is a dynamic and innovative Chinese writing app which is available in simplified Chinese.

Simplified Chinese is used in Mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore.
Traditional Chinese is used in Hong Kong and Taiwan and by many overseas Chinese.

People learning Chinese often find that learning to write Chinese characters is the most difficult to master. easy chinese writing – i write chinese app is here to make it simple and fun for the learning experience of Chinese writing.

• The app is designed to show users how to construct Chinese characters stroke by stroke and direction by direction. The app is suitable for beginner-level students of Chinese as well as for those who want to enhance their Chinese-writing techniques.

• Each character is displayed with phonetic “pin yin” system and an audio translation in English, French, Spanish, Japanese & Korean. It is also included Japanese & Korean with Romanized letter for easier pronunciation. This app is also great way to experience other Asian languages.

• By displaying the “radical” of the character in a different color (yellow) the student can clearly see how the different parts of a Chinese character is constructed. A Chinese radical is the basic component of every Chinese character. Occasionally, there are alternate forms of radicals and pin yin, which are indicated in grey.

• The characters shown in the app are grouped into 12 categories, making it easy for students to associate the various vocabularies of the same theme. Each category contains 17 single characters, which, upon the completion of the first 17 single characters, students will find five samples of “compound words” based on single characters of the same category or within all 12 categories.

• The easy chinese writing – i write chinese app contains a total of 205 single characters and 60 possibilities of compound words. These 205 single characters can create many more compound words. Many Chinese vocabularies are made up of “compound word” and composing Chinese characters can be experienced as a puzzle game, stimulating and fun.

* The app will evolve further by developing sentences using compound words created from the 205 characters, so that students can further integrate from the characters which they have learned.

日 (rì: day, sun) + 生 (shēng: birth) = 星 (xīng: star)

Categories (each category has 17 single characters & 5 compound words):
Free app categories:
1. Numbers – 1 to 10, 100, how many, etc
2. Nature – sun, moon, sky, etc

Paid app categories:
3. Size – small, big…
4. Family – mother, father…
5. Direction – up, down…
6. People – he, she…
7. Food – rice, meat…
8. Transportation – car, door…
9. Color – white, pretty…
10. Fruits –banana, tasty…
11. Body – eye, listen…
12. Weather – rain, snow…

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