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Want One of The Best Educational Apps for iPad? Get Animals 360 Gold!

Animals 360 Gold brings the animal kingdom to life with one of the best educational apps for iPad and iPhone. This iOS Universal learning app features 600 high quality photos of 100+ real life animals, informative cards, quizzes, tours and animal puzzles to give your child a thorough and up-close look at the wonderful animal world. And for an awesome touch of reality, this kids’ Education app even includes each animal’s true sound.

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Animals 360 Gold is one of the best educational apps for iPad and iPhone, not only for its great educational content but also for its easy-to-use interface that makes it a pleasure to navigate around this application. Simple swipes (up and down or right or left ) allow you to see individual or multiple animal photos. You can even shake the device to hear an animal sound, or just tap the speaker icon. Animals 360 Gold presents its app content in 4 simple categories designed to introduce, inform, test and fascinate kids with the animal world. Kids will have a great time exploring and discovering all the animals in this educational app through these 4 areas: Photo & info, Tour, Quiz and Puzzle.

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The Photo & info area features a manual slideshow with 5 high quality photos of each animal. There are also a couple of really nice features in this area as well. You have the option to go straight to the Alphabetized animal index to view any animal of choice, if you don’t want to swipe through the whole slideshow to view animals in their preset order. There is also an information icon that will give an animal’s common name, scientific name, curiosities and a host of other information on habitat, diet, and etc. One especially nice attention to detail is the option to view and enlarge a single animal photo to get a really up–close-and-personal look.

While exploring the Tour area of this educational app, your child will travel to 7 different habitats around the globe to see which animals share the same type of home (farm, forest, mountains and other places). Kids will see familiar domestic animals in their natural environment and be introduced to odd and exotic animals such as the Okapi, Echidna, Fennec and others.

Although it’s nice to see animals in their habitat setting, it would be better if the animals blended naturally into their setting instead of having the animal’s photo placed on top of the habitat background. However, kids can tap any of the animals to activate their true animal voices. I had a great time exploring all of these real animals sounds. Some are strange, some are expected and others are just fierce to say the least. You could probably even use this kids’ app as an animal soundboard app.

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The Quiz section is multiple choice using animal photos. Depending on the sound given, kids are to select the right animal photo. If children give a wrong answer, they’ll hear a buzzer, wonky music and some “booing.” Personally, this aspect could be toned down just a bit. The Puzzle area provides an animal photo with 2 difficulty selections: 12 pieces or 35. Kids should enjoy these tap and slide puzzles because they can be challenging without being frustrating because the pieces aren’t “grid-locked” when trying to slide a piece into place. And when kids are all finished, they’ll hear the animal’s sound.

Overall, I think Animals 360 Gold does a great job of introducing fun and educational animal content for kids. It’s one of the best animal education apps for the iPad and iPhone that I’ve come across so far.

* 11/11/13 – Animals 360 Gold by YED28 usually sells for $1.99 but this iOS Universal app is free for a limited time.

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*Disclaimer – Since most app price drops are temporary, we cannot guarantee how long this app will be free.

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