Election Results 2012: Free Apps for iPad, iPhone, Android

Election Results 2012: Free Apps for iPad, iPhone, Android

As you return from the polls, work, shopping, or maybe you’re on the go, here is a collection of the best FREE iPad, iPhone, and Android News apps that will help you keep track of the winners in the United States 2012 elections. We were stunned to find a shear lack of any quality Election Results apps for the 2012 election cycle. There were many that were paid, but we did not want to focus on this because there are plenty of ways to get the news you need to keep in the “political know” without forking out any cash. We selected 5 apps + 1 extra (iPad only) to help you quickly access election 2012 news. While the apps we looked at are all optimized for the iPad, they all can be found as iPhone and Android applications, but may not necessarily have all the optimized features as the iPad versions. No matter where you stand, Red or Blue, as American citizens we are extremely fortunate to have the right/privilege/civic duty to elect our government leaders — so get out and vote! You can watch the video to get a glimpse at what these apps hold.

Pulse News for iPad: Your News, Blog, Magazine and Social Organizer


This news app is awesome and lets you quickly create your own pages of content sources (12 a page) found from curated content sources within the Pulse News app or from the web. Once you’re done creating your own page you can easily view all your favorite news sources in horizontal rows with images and short text blurbs for article titles for quick scan ability. A great feature of this app is the in app browsing function that allows you to experience the web version of any of your content sources without leaving the app, allowing you to move in and out of all your favorite news sources. Heck, you can create more than 1 page, but this is probably only for power users.

Pulse News for iPad: Your News, Blog, Magazine and Social Organizer iPad App Download Link

Pulse News for iPad: Your News, Blog, Magazine and Social Organizer - Alphonso Labs Inc

Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine


Flipboard takes a bit of a different approach and includes more social news, all of which you will find yourself flipping through to view. You can search anything from the app and find web, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and other social source information in addition to traditional web content. This adds a nice “real-time” aspect when you’re able to view Tweets, Facebook Page status updates and other social media news as it happens. Flipboard is a cool way to intake information, but you will have to get used to the flipping effect. This app (as Pulse News) also features a fantastic in app web browser that will keep you inside the app when viewing website links.

Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine iPad App Download Link

Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine - Flipboard Inc.

FOX News for iPad


Fox News for iPad is a very good stand alone “election results” app. You can find what you need in the “Election Center” area for Presidential, Senate, House, and Governor elections for 2012. There are simple maps, opinion, poll data, predictions and more.

FOX News for iPad App Download Link

FOX News for iPad - FOX News Digital

CNN App for iPad


This News iPad app is also on par with Fox News for iPad featuring a robust section for 2012 Election Results. You will also find Presidential, Senate, House and Governor race information in this app along with charts, opinion, and more.

CNN App for iPad App Download Link

CNN App for iPad - CNN Interactive Group, Inc.

The Washington Post for iPad


This app was more article heavy, but includes a nice photo slideshow feature of some of today’s politicians in action. There are a large amount of articles, but as far as charts and what not, this app lacks an “Election Center” format.

The Washington Post for iPad App Download Link

The Washington Post for iPad - The Washington Post

WP Politics


WP Politics is probably the best of all the News iPad apps for Election 2012 results. This app has loads of data for all of today’s races, fact checker information, videos, large amounts of polling data and a bunch of political blogs that I am sure will be blogging into the wee hours of the morning if this is a close race.

WP Politics iPad App Download Link

WP Politics - The Washington Post

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