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Elite Chopper, by Mike Hempfling, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing as far as the appearance and game play go. This indie-style side scrolling action game may lack some of the studio-rich graphics, but it does deliver in the challenging gameplay. Your mission is to destroy the rebel forces on the ground below with limited missiles and guns at your disposal. There are tanks, jeeps, trucks, and planes to destroy in the increasingly difficult level gameplay. While you are stationary, your controls only allow you to move up and down, which is where strategy becomes necessary to hit your enemies. There are bonus parachute drops that provide missiles or extra life by killing enemies without wasting any missiles, as well as random parachute drops that provide similar items. Battle your way through three difficulty settings allowing for excellent replay value and share your scores through Facebook leader boards. Climb into your “elite chopper” and see if you can survive the rebel onslaught. For more iPhone video app reviews. CM

iphone app reviewsiphone app reviews

Elite Chopper iPhone App Details

Title: Elite Chopper
Price: $0.99
Size: 10.0 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Mike Hempfling
Store: iTunes App Store

Elite Chopper iPhone App Download Link

Elite Chopper - Mike Hempfling

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Elite Chopper iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal
The Rebel Forces are rallying to take over the world and its only you who can stop them. You will be battling against Rebels with tanks, planes, missile strikes and many other vehicles. Crush the uprising in this action packed helicopter side-scrolling game.

No in app purchases ever!

+ Facebook Leader-board
+ Easy to use controls
+ 3 difficulty modes
+ Get medals for your skill and heroism

What’s new

-3 more challenging missions
-Sharp Shooter Bonus: Hit the enemy 15 consecutive times with missiles without hitting the ground and get a bonus parachute crate drop. The bonus drop will either be more missiles or an extra life.

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