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iOS Book App, Elly’s Christmas Is Great for Young Kids

Elly’s Christmas is a cute and interactive iOS Universal Books app that takes young kids on a fun holiday trip to Elly’s House. Elly is a sweet little reindeer character who is preparing a special Christmas celebration for all of her friends to enjoy.


Aside from the adorable main character, young children will be drawn in by the colorful and whimsical graphics, as well as the simple interactions and fun animations on every page of this iOS book. You and your child can choose to read Elly’s Christmas yourselves or hear it narrated by a young female storyteller with a British-sounding accent.

This cute story has very simple navigation appropriate for a very young age group, with easy directional arrow icons to turn pages back and forth. And a simple tap on the Home button will return your child back to the beginning of the story again. Whether you choose the Read-to-me (narrated) or Read-it-myself mode (no narration present), kids will love hearing, watching, and “helping” Elly the Reindeer prepare for her big Christmas party.


On most pages there is a graphic button that signals kids to activate the waiting animation. One of my favorite animations is the steady blowing snow flurries accompanied by the whooshing wind sound. Pre-schoolers and Kindergartners will love tapping the animation icon on each page to “Do and Undo” animations for things like: decorating the tree, wrapping presents, frosting cupcakes, and making the reindeer (in the window) appear and disappear. However, when kids continuously tap on the sweet-sounding Elly (and friends), it creates an echoing effect that has the potential to take away from the overall enjoyment of the story. Perhaps an automatic pause/delay button would be a nice feature here, at least for parents anyways.

The animations and interactions are entertaining to watch, and the lovable little characters remind me a bit of the popular Playskool Weeble Wobble toys I remember from my own childhood. And, the whimsical artwork is definitely candy to the eye. However, there is one thing I don’t like. And that’s how the horizontal story text boxes, which are present on every page, overlap and hide some of the artwork.

Aside from this small point, this sweet iPhone and iPad Books app has a charming story sprinkled with fun interactions that are sure to be a treat your little ones this holiday season. And parents will really like that the Elly’s Christmas book comes with a very “sweet” price tag of only $0.99.

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