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Elmo Calls – Really Fun Learning For Kids (Video)

Elmo Calls is by far one of the funniest iPhone kids’ apps I have come across. Why? Because the funniest muppet character Elmo answers calls and lets kids call him in this unique learning app.

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Elmo Calls takes advantage of the iPhone FaceTime feature by letting kids FaceTime Elmo anytime they like. There are a variety of other fun phone interactions kids can participate in with Elmo as well.

The initial $0.99 purchase includes the “Sunny Day Sampler” call pack. There are other call packs that can be purchased through in app purchase (IAP) and cover specific learning areas. The additional calling packs cost $0.99 individually or for $4.99 parents can buy all, which is the best value ($2.93 savings).

Upon opening the app, my first FaceTime call with Elmo was in the pasture where Elmo “moos” like a cow. Even at 44, I found this way too funny, so funny I made a ringtone of that call. But, Elmo is not just about fun. The Sunny Day Sampler pack also features affirmation calls, educational calls and other healthy learning.

Elmo Calls is a fantastic kids’ learning app that is both funny and educational, making this app a win win for both parents and kids!


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