An Alarm Clock Email Reader App That Reads Your Email To You

The Alarm Clock Email Reader Pro iPhone app is part alarm clock app, but has a dual function as an email reader app.



Most busy people wake up and first thing they check is their email. This email reader app has you covered. Not only will the Alarm Clock Email Reader Pro wake you up, but it lets you have your Gmail and Hotmail emails read to you aloud. While it is probably best to wake up before responding to any emails, this email reader app lets you hear your emails while you are still getting the crusties out of your eyes.



This easy to use iPhone Productivity app features a simple user interface, eye pleasing digital clock feature, and supports 2 email platforms: Hotmail and Gmail. There are minimal settings to this app such as setting reading times to suit your own preferences, adjustable alarm settings and repetition settings. You can also use this while driving to safely hear your emails instead of reading them while you drive, which is super dangerous.

The Alarm Clock App Email Reader app is iOS Universal and works on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This alarm clock app sells from anywhere between $1.99 to $0.99 and is great for anyone who wants to hear their email instead of reading their email.

Alarm Clock Email Reader Pro developer, Nir Rodriguez has provided several promo codes for free downloads of this email reader app.

Update: 11/05/13 – *This promo code offer is complete.

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