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Emoji New 300+ New Emoji iPhone App

The new app, 300+ New Emoji, Emoji iPhone app helps you unlock the “Emoji” keyboard, as well as the “Romaji” keyboard to provide an additional 300+ emoticons on your iPhone.

If you are not savvy to the emoji iPhone app craze then you may want to get this app. Emoticons they’re commonly thought of as Japanese “emotion” pictures depicting various types of emotions also referred to as “Emoji or Emojis.” You’ve most likely seen or even used them such as the “8)” or many other versions of the traditional yellow faces. Emojis are typically used in texting, social media, email, instant messages or comments to quickly express an emotion,feeling, or thought.

Originally, the iPhone operating system used to require you to get one of the many emoji apps to unlock the emoji keyboard, but since iOS 5 the iPhone operating system comes with this keyboard as a native selection (including 460+ emojis). Emoji 2 – 300+ New Emoji shows you how to install the regular emoji keyboard first, all the way back to iOS3.x and above iOS operating systems.



This is very easy to do by simply going to settings>general>keyboard>international keyboards>Japanese>emoji on and you’ll have the original set of emoticons on your iPhone. Accessing them is simple: tap on the globe (left of the space bar) when the keyboard is open to switch between your assigned keyboard and the emoji keyboard. Emoji New 300+ New Emoji 2 amps up your emoji iPhone app by giving you 300+ additional emoticons.

They do this in a very slick way by placing the new emojis in a contact group that is added to your contacts (once you allow). Then you simply follow the above instructions for activating the original emoji keyboard for the new “Japanese Romaji” keyboard. Once done, when you go to the globe (left of space bar) when the keyboard is open, hold your finger on the globe and you will now have 3 selections, the romaji keyboard is represented by Japanese letters.



Once the romaji keyboard is selected you can access the 300+ new emoticons using the letters “x” (people) , “c” (nature), “v” (objects), “b” (places), and “n” (symbols). There are very well done instructions to activate either emoji keyboard, as well as a video for the romaji keyboard, which is extremely helpful, in addition to the picture instructions for both. I found this emoji iPhone app really easy to use and it takes the mystery out of how to get emojis on your iPhone, as well as giving you 300+ new emojis for a wider selection of expressions.

The app is fast working and also provides some extras like “Type and Walk” technology inside the app so you can text while walking using the camera as your eyeballs. Users who do not want to copy the “romaji keyboard” to their iPhone contacts as a group can access the new emojis from inside the app. You can text, Twitter, copy and there are some font or text styles to jazz up your texting when using this app instead of your own text messaging.

At only $0.99, this is a reasonably priced app to explain emojis, supply instructions for installation, provide 300+ new emoji’s, and “Text and Walk” technology making this app an easy purchase if you dig emojis and want to join in on the emoticon craze. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete look at how this application works.

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