Emu, The Next Generation iPhone Texting App Created By Some of the Brightest Tech Minds!

Emu - Siri like texting and appointment app for iPhone

Emu is not just another texting app. It is the “next generation” texting app for iPhone users. This new Social Networking app provides a load of subtle but very useful functionality in what appears to be regular text messages. Features like “Magic Reply,” “Push to Talk,” and calendar and movie integration in text messages (as well as a few other handy features) is what will take your texting to a whole new level.

Texting App Emu, new way to text

Emu App Overview

The innovative minds behind the Emu app come from some of the biggest tech companies and tech products known around the World Wide Web. These include Siri, Apple, Google, TechCrunch, and Yahoo! Messenger. Considering its braintrust of creators, it is no wonder that the Emu app packs a lot of powerful functionality in what appears to be a basic texting app. But there is nothing basic about Emu! The Emu app uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to understand your text messages while adding additional helpful features into your text messages.

For example, Emu takes date/time information and makes your calendar available in the text message. All you have to do is mention the word “movies” and you can see what movies are playing nearby, which you’ll see in a nice carousel inside your text message. Another noteworthy feature has to do with driving and texting. Say you’re driving and you cannot respond to a text, don’t worry because Emu does this for you automatically with an auto-generated response. Additional features include “Push to Talk” when you cannot type; with a tap on the microphone on your iPhone keyboard, your speech is turned into text – which is insanely accurate.

Emu, new texting app for iPhone

Based on your current GPS location, you can also easily share where you are at with others or set a lunch appointment from your text messages. And say you don’t have time to reply to a text when received, well, then tap snooze and choose where you want to be reminded of that text message for later.

Another nice thing about Emu is that it’s free. However, this mobile app requires each user to have the iOS app installed on his or her iPhone or iPod Touch to be able to text to one another, and also to be able to take advantage of all the cool features this application has to offer.

Texting App for iPhone, Emu

How To Emu?

After downloading the app, open it up and enter your screen name and verify your mobile number. Next, you can invite anyone in your Contacts list and begin to use the app. Simply text another Emu user with words like “Friday” or “minutes” in your message and Emu will automatically create a calendar option in the text message. You can tap to enter into your calendar to set an appointment, or not.

Emu works the same for words related to restaurants near you or the person you are texting to open up the restaurant functionality. This functionality includes an OpenTable reservations option when available.

As you can see, Emu takes the basic texting activity you do every day on your iPhone and makes it much smarter and sophisticated by adding opportunities to make appointments, check out movies, set a reservation, and much more right from within your text messages. How smart is it? You’ll find out when you download this free Social Networking app for your iPhone.

Download The Emu iPhone Texting App Now!

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About The Developer

Emu was founded in 2012 by Gummi Hafsteinsson (formerly VP Product Siri, previously at Apple and Google), Dave Feldman (previously with AOL/TechCrunch and Yahoo!), and an experienced team of mobile and machine-learning engineers. The company has received seed funding of $1.5M to date from Kleiner Perkins, TriplePoint Capital, Menlo Ventures, DFJ, and additional angel investors. See our Founder Bios for more information on the founding team.

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