Encircle The Turtle 2, Challenging iOS Puzzle App..50 Brain-Tingling Logic Puzzles!

iPhone Puzzle Game Encircle The Turtle 2

Put your thinking cap on before you play Encircle The Turtle 2, a new and challenging iOS puzzle app for the iPhone and iPad.

iPhone Puzzle App Encircle The Turtle 2

This brain tingling logic puzzler is the follow up to the “top rated” original iPhone game, Encircle The Turtle. This latest version, much like the first, is all about figuring out how to trap a very smart turtle before it gets to one end of the game board.

Encircle The Turtle 2 Puzzle App Overview

If you think you are a good puzzle solver, then you need to get your hands on this simple looking puzzle game. Encircle The Turtle 2 has 50 “brain twisting” levels of puzzling gameplay. The simple task at hand is to trap the turtle in as few turns as possible. But there are a few rules that make trapping that tricky turtle a little more difficult. The turtle starts in the middle of the game board and can only move right, left, up or down. Before the turtle moves, you tap to place a red block to begin the process of trapping the turtle.

Encircle The Turtle 2 More Puzzle App Logic Gameplay

However, you are limited because you cannot place blocks on dark colored squares, which becomes more of a problem as you get to advanced levels. Winning a level only happens when you have placed red blocks around the turtle, encircling it. However, if you let the turtle reach the edge of any side of the game board you will lose the level.

What You Get For Free!

Encircle The Turtle 2 comes with 50 mind-busting logic puzzle levels. The first 10 levels are free and each additional puzzle pack (4) costs $0.99 and can be purchased from within the app. The 10 free puzzles are not easy and require a good deal of logic beginning with level 2. Level 1 is super easy because there are already several red blocks in place, making the task of encircling the turtle much easier. But once you get into level 2, there are no red blocks to help you out. So it’s up to you to figure out how to trap the slow but smart mover yourself. The next level has its own set of challenges. Level 3 introduces dark colored blocks, which do not allow a red block to be placed on them. This challenge makes the game appear to be impossible.

iPad Puzzle App Encircle The Turtle 2

But there is a solution, you just have to figure it out. And if this puzzle app was not already difficult enough, in later levels the turtle becomes invisible 3 out of 6 turns. Really? However, the developer, Victor Zhou Games, does give you a little tip to make it easier to find the turtle when it is invisible. And for additional challenges, Encircle The Turtle 2 is also Apple Game Center supported for leaderboard scoring and for challenging other players in this game.

Needless to say, Encircle The Turtle 2 is a brain twisting puzzle game with 50 super challenging logic puzzles to please the puzzle lover in you! Download this app now for free for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch using the iTunes download link below.

Download The Encircle The Turtle 2, Puzzle App Now!

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Encircle the Turtle 2
iOS Universal Games application, v. 1.4.2
Brand: iOS
Manufacturer: Victor Zhou Games
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About The Developer

Victor Zhou Games – I’m just a guy who likes to make games. You can find my apps in the iOS App Store by searching “Victor Zhou.”

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