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The ESPN Fantasy Football app got a major update making this fantasy football app a must have. The 2013 update for ESPN Fantasy Football was a big one. Back in the old days (last year), ESPN only provided live draft capabilities from computers, but now this Sports app supports live drafts using iOS devices. You can now take part in live drafts via your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch thanks to the 2013 ESPN Fantasy Football app update.

I have only participated in live ESPN drafts via computer, so I decided to test the live draft feature out on my iPhone 5. The pre-draft wait was a nail biter, taking approximately 6 minutes to start. Once the draft started, the picking was a tad slow, not due to the app, but due to those making their picks. While the live draft requires you to be there live, you can actually set your draft picks to auto for automated picking. You can also fill your draft queue with your top picks, order your picks easily with drag and drop and leave the draft with the expectation that your picks will be made in the order you set them.



However, there is one little snag to that theory, so you may want to double up on position selections in anticipation of opponents taking some of your picks. In reality, it’s probably easier to stick around for the whole draft or at least until you draft your starting players. The draft time took about 30 to 40 minutes from beginning to end and was executed very well. There were no connection errors or problems whatsoever.

The live draft experience on my iPhone was rather awesome. There is also a built in chat feature in the draft, where a bit of trash talk took place during my draft based on QBs being taken in the first round. Other features you would expect in a fantasy football app include player news, trade information, ability to manage all your ESPN Fantasy Football teams starting lineups, add/drop players, and more.

The live drafts supported by the ESPN Fantasy Football app are Live Snake and Live Auction drafts. Another great feature in this free Sports app is Fantasy Cast. Fantasy Cast is free realtime scoring for your ESPN Fantasy Football teams, accessible once the NFL season starts. Even if you are not playing fantasy football through ESPN, you can access all NFL player data, pre-draft information rankings and players for free.

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One snag for Android and Kindle ESPN Fantasy Football app users is that there isn’t any live draft support in those app versions. I’m not sure why, but obviously it has something to do with the tech side of things. All I can do is encourage you Android and Kindle users to complain loudly and firmly request to get the live draft capabilities added to these apps. My guess is that this won’t happen this year, but there is always next year.

The ESPN Fantasy Football app also provides plenty of NFL football news, videos, and professional commentary making this a must have fantasy football app.

Do you want to dominate fantasy football this year? Then download the ESPN Fantasy Football app using the download links below!

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