ESPN ScoreCenter Owns All Sports Apps

There is no longer any competition amongst sports apps in the iTunes App Store, with ESPN ScoreCenter by ESPN for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This app lets you customize your favorite sports categories with your favorite teams. There is Football/Soccer, Baseball, NCAA sports, Hockey, Golf, Rugby, Cricket, and more. Inside each sport you can add your favorite teams. The teams scores are updated faster than any other app. Team details, stats, leaderboards and boxscores, and summaries also updated by this sports giant at lightening speed. I added my teams to the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA. This app is so on top of things it already has the first NFL football games of the season on the scheduled (way cool). ESPN alludes to much, much more in the future, so you can bet that once the SDK 3.0 is released this app will be on steroids. The user interface for this app is very, very easy to use, which makes it even better. Folks, apps are maturing and getting better with each new release. I can’t wait to see what awaits us in the future. ESPN ScoreCenter is the best sports app by far in the iTunes App Store. If you are a sports junkie this is a no brainer. This app is FREE in the iTunes App Store. CM

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