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Eternity Warriors 2 – Bloody Fun Hack n Slash iOS Game!

Eternity Warriors 2 (by Glu Games Inc.) is a most wicked new Eternity Game Title featuring massive hack & slash combos, multi-player online co-op gameplay, upgradeable skills, weapons, and more. Having never played the first Eternity Warriors game title, I had no expectations for this iOS Universal Games app. However, I got sucked in fairly quick by the stunning graphics, fast hacking and slashing gameplay, looting, and breadth of enemies. Glu Games Inc. has moved into a Zynga-like revenue model where they provide polished games for FREE, with a certain amount of gameplay that can be played for free, then they up the difficulty significantly making in app purchases necessary in order to keep up. Players can opt for the slower route and progress through the game at a slower pace to save a few bucks.

This game has a less aggressive in app purchase strategy than some other games and actually gives you a free level game pack (the first pack called Undead Spire), which is playable without in app purchase. But, when you wander into the Spider Lair game pack you will face “Battle Onslaughts” where you must survive 10 waves of enemies and bosses at the end of each wave. This is quite challenging and is where I ended up spending $6.00 to play my way through 1 level in Spider Lair. You will need potions (health and rage) and if you die you can revive for 3 gems, gems can only be purchased, other than the 5 given when you first start the gameplay. I found the boss difficulty to be extreme in waves 6 and beyond while hacking my way through my first Battle Onslaught. However, there is a twist, you can play in co-op with another player, which should give you a slightly better chance at staying alive for a longer span and not use as much potion since 2 warriors are better than 1.


The graphics in this game are rather magnificent and so is the gameplay, especially for iOS devices. There are 2 additional game packs (Shivering Refugee – you must complete Undead Spire to unlock, and in Hell Fire you must reach level 25 to play), so there is no shortage of gameplay. But, the thing is: how difficult does it get? Having read some of the iTunes rating comments for this game, there are those that would rather pay a premium price like $6.99 for the game instead of potentially blowing lots of money through in app purchases or putting down the game out of frustration due to impassable areas without making in app purchases. I am in the camp where I will not play through a game that requires constant in app purchases to play and I think most players are smart enough to not fall for this as well. The app has a bit of lagginess on occasion and it did crash 1x unexpectedly. However, all things considered, I think Glu Games Inc. has tuned down the difficulty a bit to make this very well done game a bit more playable for us cheapskates — which is probably most of us. Be sure to checkout the Eternity Warriors 2 iPad App Video Review for a look at this games graphics, gameplay, items, skills and more. Check out all of our iPad app reviews. Crazy Mike

Eternity Warriors 2 iPad App Details

Title: Eternity Warriors 2
Cost: FREE
Size: 86.2 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Glu Games Inc.
Store: iTunes App Store

Eternity Warriors 2 iPad App Download

Eternity Warriors 2 - Glu Games Inc.

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Eternity Warriors 2 iPad App Developer Description

iOS Universal

The battle for Northern Udar rages on! It’s been 100 years since the First Demon War tore the land apart. Thanks to the Eternity Warriors the demon threat was held at bay. However the demons have been consolidating their power in a series of Demon Towers built in locations throughout Northern Udar.

You’ve been tasked with cleansing these Demon Towers and defeating an even deadlier demon army than before …


Experience EPIC MELEE gameplay!

Face off against dozens of NEW demon enemies!

Battle with a fellow warrior in the ONLINE MULTIPLAYER MODE!

Slice your way through MULTIPLE UNIQUE DUNGEONS!

Upgrade your gear to become the ultimate Eternity Warrior in Udar!

Eternity Warriors 2 is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.

What’s new

➤ New Hell Fire dungeon

➤ Dual-wielding weapons

➤ Quests!

➤ Achievements!

➤ New Charge skill and more skill upgrades

➤ iCloud support

➤ Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance

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