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Evil Square (by 1 Last Try Games) is a slick puzzle game with the objective of always completing a square puzzle with the variety of shapes provided, and features 2 game modes with 80 levels of gameplay. Puzzlers will absolutely love the gameboard in Evil Square. The colorful 3D object graphics pop out at you during gameplay, combined with the 3D progress image, and the slightly edgy background provide a nice overall visual experience. The puzzle sounds are crisp when turned and there is a joyful ring provided each time you complete a puzzle making you feel a bit jubilant inside. The gameboard starts off small in the first 2 game packs, but gets larger and harder as you progress through each 20 level puzzle game pack (4 total), this is in Classic mode. Evil mode is just that, it is maniacal and may drive you insane — well probably not, but it sounded good. Evil mode is a survival mode where you complete puzzles as quickly as you can in under 2 minutes without the use of hints, which are available in classic mode (3 each puzzle with a 30 second penalty).

Evil Square iPhone Game App ReviewEvil Square iPhone Game App Review

While Evil mode may sound easy it is not, and I am not sure, but I am guessing the developer has all 80 levels included in this game mode. The evil part of this game mode is that if you do not complete a puzzle in the 2 minutes provided, then you have to start over. Hence, if you are 1,2,4,or 10 puzzles into this game mode and you fail to complete a puzzle, it is back to the beginning for you. The developer actually has a challenge for anyone who buys this game: the first 5 people to complete Evil mode in its entirety will get their name immortalized in The Evil Square iTunes’ app description, in fact, he already has the 1-5 listing setup in the iTunes app description, but there are currently no names. Will you be the first? Evil Square is a very worthy puzzle game with a great look and feel, as well as having awesomely simplistic, yet challenging gameplay. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Evil Square iPhone App Details

Title: Evil Square
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 14.0 MB
Developer: 1 Last Try Games
Store: iTunes App Store

Evil Square iPhone App Download Link

Evil Square - 1 Last Try Games

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Evil Square iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
Most addicting ,challenging puzzle game you will ever get your hands on!

Can you free the square family form the evil square?

Move and Rotate pieces to fit perfectly into the square!

1 touch game play!

Stunning HD graphics!

Easy intuitive touch controls!

Hint system!

Visual progression!

Perfect for all ages!

Play for a minute or play for hours!

Openfeint Leader boards and more!


Highly anticipated EVIL MODE for advanced users ( play at your own risk)

2 minutes to solve a puzzle,
SUCCEED , proceed to next puzzle
FAIL, restart from the beginning!
How far can you get?

First 5 users to complete EVIL MODE get their names right here!!


Good luck!

Please contact Info@1lasttrygames.com
for any issues you may find or feedback.
We greatly appreciate it!

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