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Exhaust Thing – Can You Stop The Pollution Madness?

Exhaust Thing is an earth-friendly Android game that requires you to save the atmosphere from ravenous ozone-eating smoke creatures. This “Green” app gives you a chance to virtually save the world from destruction. Exhaust Thing is a unique game that incorporates tap, slide, and spin gestures into one insanely intense game that may make your eyeballs pop out.

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The game objective of Exhaust Thing is simple: tap and kill the ozone-eating clouds, which appear in different colors and have different numbers of taps required to kill them. But, the clouds build up fast because in this game man is mowing down the trees, building more homes, flying more planes, and creating more smog. To combat the smog clouds, you can spin the earth with your fingers, tap to kill the clouds, and swipe downward from the atmosphere to view the whole world. When you do this, you can tap on any hot spot locations and immediately go there. The clouds outnumber even the fatest fingers.

There are a variety of power-ups in the game, which include an atmosphere health button, a vacuum to suck up the clouds, and the powerful “Meatey-O-Rite” power-up. The game has only 10 levels currently and I am stuck on level 5 (the Winter scene), which means the levels are rather challenging. Once you complete the 10 levels, there is a free play mode that will become unlocked.

Exhaust Thing is not just another casual game, it’s your virtual way to save the world!

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