Explosively Unique Puzzle-Solving Game…Mutranium!

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As the name Mutranium sounds (different), so is this iOS universal game. Mutranium, by Fallen Flare Studios Inc., is an indie iPhone/iPad game featuring 50 unique levels of exploding Mutranium-gameplay. What is a Mutranium anyways? I don’t know for sure, but from the looks of this game, they are some type of mutated creatures with “chips” on their shoulders. The gameplay in Mutranium is unique because you start the game with 86 bombs (yes, 86), not 96, not 14, not 29, but 86 and that is all you have to complete the 50 levels. Completing a level requires removing all Mutranium from the level, using the bombs to facilitate this by placing them next to, near, etc., the Mutranium. Once your bombs are placed, you tap on the detonate button on the bottom left — and boom! A word of warning, the Mutranium have some smart comebacks, especially when you do not blow them off the screen the first time, so be prepared for some back talk. If you find yourself stuck on any level and it does not appear you can play any longer, it is most likely because you used all your bombs. A little tip in this event is to replay previous levels, trying to use fewer bombs to extend the game as far as possible. Those darn Mutranium are everywhere in this game — can you remove them all? Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. CM

ipad app reviewsipad game reviews

Mutranium iPad App Details

Title: Mutranium
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Developer: Fallen Flare Studios Inc.
Store: iTunes App Store

Mutranium iPad App Download Link

Mutranium - Fallen Flare Studios Inc.

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Mutranium iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal
The next BIG-HIT is here! Save the Earth from the Mutranium Invasion by BLOWING them off the face of our planet!

If you like fun, adventure, explosions, problem solving, and learning challenges, you WILL like this game!!!

What’s new

Fixed bug where chains wouldn’t break.
Built using the latest iOS SDK

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