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Extreme FX Free App – Competition for Action Movie FX

The iPhone app Action Movie FX has competition with the release of Extreme FX — a new free iPhone and iPad Entertainment application. This app provides 4 ready-made video FX that you can superimpose onto video and then share to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Email or your camera roll. I remember when the Action Movie FX app came out and how it immediately became a hit because there wasn’t another iPhone or iPad app out like it at the time. The best part is that this app is free and remains free today with newly updated free and in app purchase content. The developers at Extreme FX have more or less copied the idea with the release of Extreme FX. The main reason you and I should not have a problem with this is competition. App ideas are not sacred and providing an alternate product is what the Capitalist society is all about.

Now, that being said, Action Movie FX and Extreme FX are not exactly the same. Extreme FX comes with 4 free FX (Inferno Attack, Extreme Impact, The Gunfire, and OH Mighty Dragon), with the option to buy more when you purchase the Pro Pack (6 additional FX). I purchased the Pro Pack on Friday, but it cost nothing because it was free at the time, it is now only $0.99, which is still a decent deal if you like adding FX to videos. The additional FX are varied including several explosion FX, a helicopter attack, alien spaceship and lightening. This app also has free music clips you can add to your created video as well as several filters to change the edging and coloring of your overall created video. The video processing of this app compared to Action Movie FX is definitely a bit slower, and even slower when adding music or a filter effect — which is to be expected. You can also share to more locations with this app than Action Movie FX.


I am a sucker for these types of apps (most likely because of my many experiences as a police officer). Being able to cut a video and then add gun fire, a dragon attack, missile attack, and what have you is actually rather therapeutic for me. If you are still on the fence about this app, then watch our Extreme FX iPad App Video Review for this iOS Universal Entertainment application and then decide.

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