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Eye For Color – Intense Heart-Pounding, iPhone Puzzler!

Eye For Color (by Ellery Ortiz) combines a unique color aspect to appease color enthusiasts and the intensity of heart-pounding gameplay to pique a gamer’s in its extremely challenging color gradient puzzle game that requires a keen eye, quick reflexes, and a steady touch to correctly order each color tile and avoid exploding bombs. As far as iPhone puzzle games go, this game is probably one of the most challenging you will come across. It is not due to the overall puzzle difficulty, which is still challenging, but more because of a series of activities that you must perform to complete the level — while placed under visual and audio stress. The gameplay is simple, you start off with 2 random colors and 4 gradients (shades) of each for a total of 10 game pieces, 8 of which you have to place in the correct order in the top color gradient bar.

A key detail to this game is that there is a fuse that starts burning immediately in front of you, which leads to a bundle of TNT that explodes and drops all tiles that are unprotected in your color gradient bar. Additionally, the colors you are selecting from on the color wheel (of sorts) are sent up in the air so you cannot double tap on them to place them. You do have some help to control the insanity though, which comes in the form of locks that you can drag onto tiles after you have placed a certain number, such as 3. Once the first explosion comes, if you have any color tiles saved or locked they will stay in place and you can continue the process with the ultimate goal of completing the puzzle before the bomb goes off, or before you run out of locks so you can keep playing. There is a color palette holding spot of sorts on the right side and when tiles are placed here they are safe from bomb blasts. The locks also only last a couple of explosions so you will have to work fast. The game can be played through Campaign mode or as a Custom Game. Campaign allows you to replay your levels for better scoring as well as achievements (Apple Game Center), while Custom Game lets you play up to 4 colors with loads of gradients — and is only for those who are truly of a “Rain Man” intelligence level.

I found this game to be rather intense. The first time I played it I felt as if the game was impossible, but as I played a bit more I was able to pass several levels without buying any additional locks or bomb defusers. The bomb defusers can only be purchased through in app purchase and you get 6 for $0.99, this allows you to avoid a bomb blast and keep working, which I’m sure is necessary for harder levels and Custom Games. The activities of getting a color tile by double tapping, then placing it, spinning the color wheel with all the colors on it with the fuse visually burning, as well as the sound of the fuse, will throw you off your game for sure — not to mention the maniacal laugh. It will actually challenge you to see how well you work under pressure. A very interesting observation is that you never get additional time, but you do get additional locks to protect tiles, so you will have to figure out a balance of tile placement, protecting tiles and waiting for the bomb to go off — either way a very challenging game. There is a free version of this game you can test drive called Eye For Color Lite – Creative Color Comparison Puzzle Game before purchasing the full game. Find out more about this iPhone Games app by watching the Eye For Color – Creative Color Comparison Puzzle Game iPhone video app demo. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Eye For Color – Creative Color Comparison Puzzle Game iPhone App Details

Title: Eye For Color – Creative Color Comparison Puzzle Game
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 14.2 MB
Developer: Ellery Ortiz
Store: iTunes App Store

Eye For Color – Creative Color Comparison Puzzle Game iPhone App Download Link

Eye For Color - Creative Color Comparison Puzzle Game - Ellery Ortiz

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Eye For Color – Creative Color Comparison Puzzle Game iPhone Developers App Description

iOS iPhone

How much of an Eye for Color do you have? Try this unique and exciting puzzle game that challenges your ability to differentiate between colors of slightly varying hues and values.

In Eye For Color, you fill in a gradient of colors as quickly as possible, scoring points along the way for speed and accuracy. All while managing explosions that destroy your work. Easy … right?

You start the game and colored tiles rain down. Can you put them in the right order before time runs out? You’ll need a careful eye and quick hand to arrange the tiles correctly.

Pick up a colored tile and give it a close look – is it more blue or green? Red or purple? Then drop it in an empty slot. Your goal is to arrange the tiles between the key colors so they form a smooth gradient from one color to the next, like a rainbow.

As you shuffle around the tiles, time ticks down on the fuse. Take too long and the bomb will explode, knocking any unlocked tiles back to the ground. As you play Eye For Color, the bombs grow larger – from dynamite to C4 to nuke.

Lock colors you’ve arranged to protect them from explosions. But run out of locks and your work is vulnerable.

As time runs on, pressure builds, locks run out and bombs blast all the chips off of the color bar, ending the game. You’ll need to work fast and stay focused to win!

Anyone can play Eye for Color – it’s easy to learn but hard to put down. Customize the game with your favorite colors and vary the difficulty. In a Custom Game, you pick 2, 3 or 4 colors (or use random colors). The more colors, the bigger the challenge!

You can also get extras to help you – defuse skills will reset the bomb fuse and give you a welcomed few extra seconds of breathing room (available with in-app purchase).

Earn points with each tile you place correctly in the puzzle. Is it teal or turquoise? Peach or pink? Eye For Color is a mind-bending game that will have you second guessing your eyes!

Features of the exciting Eye for Color game include:

* Fun puzzle game – Tease your brain with this fresh and unique color matching game
* Creative challenges – Arrange colored tiles in order as fast as you can to make a smooth gradient
* Customize your game – Choose your favorite colors and make the game more difficult as you improve
* Track performance – View high scores and try to beat your all-time best
* Share with friends – Post your success to Facebook and Twitter to show off your eye for color
* Game Center enabled

Brighten your day with this fun and creative new puzzle game – download Eye For Color today!

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