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Eye Vision Test App – 6 Free Eyesight Tests Reveal How Well You Really See

iPhone Health App Vision Test

Your eyes are the window through which you see the world around you, but how good is your view? Find out with the Vision Test app by 3 Sided Cube. This iOS Universal Medical app gives you a chance to test your eyesight for free by taking 6 standard vision tests that don’t require a trip to your doctor’s office. The results might be a real eye opener!

Although it’s standard recommendation that we all have a professional eye exam done by a qualified optometrist/ophthalmologist every 2 years, the Vision Test app allows you to perform a quick eyesight assessment at any time and place, keeping you aware of eyesight changes that may require an appointment sooner than anticipated.

These 6 quick tests focus on visual acuity, astigmatisms and color. And after completing these mini examinations of your right and left eyes, you’ll get test results that will alert you of any potential problems that are going on in those beautiful eyes of yours. In addition, you will discover a few practical tips to help you protect your vision daily. And this app might even be able to help you find an optometrist or optician in your local area.

Eye Vision Test App for iPhone Review

Vision Test App Overview

As far as the Vision Test app goes, you have the option to test your eyesight using the following 6 tests: Visual Acuity test, Astigmatism test, Duochrome test, Colour Test, Questions, and Distance Vision test. And if using on an iPad, you get a bonus Macular Degeneration test that detects for abnormalities in the centre of your vision.

All eye-related tests require you to take the test wearing your currently prescribed eyeglasses or contact lenses. You will also be testing both right and left eyes at different times during the testing. Although this app can be performed on either the iPhone or iPad, I found it much easier on the iPhone due to the balancing act you have to perform by holding your mobile device an arm’s length (away from you) while using your other hand to cover one eye, as well as using a finger (or thumb) to select your answer for each test question. You can’t help but feel a bit like a contortionist.

iPhone App Review for the Vision Test App

Types of Vision Tests and What They Reveal

Visual Acuity: This test checks for clearness of vision and the ability of your eyes to distinguish details and shapes of objects. It assesses your short vision to measure the smallest letter you can see. During this test you will see a series of letters flash before you, one at a time. After each given letter, you choose the letter you just saw from the choices given.

Astigmatism: This test will help identify problems with blurred vision due to the inability of your eyes to focus. It is testing your ability to distinguish between light and dark lines in a given graphic. Blurred vision is a common indicator of an astigmatism.

Duochrome: A test that checks the ability of your eyes to focus correctly using a color chart. Your job is to determine if any of the circles appear darker than others when viewed against the red and green backgrounds.

Colour: This particular test checks for color weaknesses. Are you able to see the “hidden numbers” inside a pattern graph and then verify the correct number in the multiple choices given?

Questions: Answer 3 simple questions about smoking, computer usage, and time since last eye visit.

Distance Vision: A test for assessing far field vision. But to perform this test you will need another mobile device. However, after several attempts to “pair” my iPhone and iPad, I couldn’t successfully activate this test, even after activating bluetooth and verifying access between devices. Apparently, this is a problem for other users as well.

iPhone Medical App Vision Test Review

What Now?

Now that you’ve taken these simple eyesight tests, you can check out the Test Results area to see general diagnostics and overall test results. With each test taken, you will also get an individual percent measurement of pass/fail for both right and left eyes. The Test Results area also keeps track of your test history and tests dates. These 6 test can be taken repeatedly.

So maybe you need to see an eye doctor sooner than you thought? Well, Vision Test provides an “Optician Finder” feature to help you find a eye professional near you. But unfortunately for me, this finder feature isn’t available in my region yet, making it a useless feature for me right now.

The Vision Test App Helps You Find an Optician

Importance of Regular Eye Exams

Having a routine eye exam will not only give you peace of mind that your eyes are still in good health, but may also help you avoid frustrating incidents with headaches and gradual sight changes that make your daily routines more challenging before realizing that you need eyeglasses or contacts. But more importantly, routine eye exams can reveal more serious health-related conditions than you’d expect. Some common problems uncovered by eye exams include diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancerous tumors.

I know this to be true since a friend of our family was having some vision issues and went to see his eye doctor. He discovered that not only did his right and left retinas recently become detached, which required surgery, but he also learned shortly after that he was in early stages of a more serious disease. Because of this eye exam, he was able to get diagnosed by this regular doctor and start taking medications to treat this ailment before it progressed beyond its early stages.

Vision Test iPhone App Review

So How Does This Vision Test App Score?

According the the developer’s app description, this Medical app was rated the #1 Medical app in 2010. And these claims appear to be substantiated by authentic reviews left in the iTunes App Store (overall 4 out of 5 star rating, based on 5,963 user reviews).

Overall, the user interface, functionality, and test portions of the Vision Test app worked well (minus the Distance Vision). And although it doesn’t come loaded with eye-related information to inform and educate you, as a quick and easy way to keep tabs on your overall vision and eye health, I think it’s a great tool to have on your iPhone or iPad.

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Developer: 3 Sided Cube
iOS Universal Medical application, Cost: $0.00, v. 2.1.1
Vision Test
Written by: Lisa Vallez
Date Published: 04/01/2014
Top iOS Medical app with 6 tests to reveal your eye health. Take basic eyesight tests and find eye professionals near you.
4 / 5 stars

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