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Best Photo Editing Portrait App For iPhone

It only takes a matter of seconds for the FacePlus app to reveal a younger, fresher, and more attractive you. Using this new iPhone Photography app by Itseez, and the latest technological advances in photo editing, FacePlus automatically creates beautiful portraits of you that you’ll want to share with others. And not only will your next selfie photo reveal your best look, the FacePlus app also has the ability to recognize and beautify multiple faces at the same time. This allows everyone in your group photos to look great too. And with simple editing extras to enhance your photos further and unique template filters to add interest, your photos are sure to stand out from the rest.

Portrait App FacePlus for iPhone

Why FacePlus Is Unique

We all want to look our best, especially in photos circulating around the web. Well, with iPhone photo editing apps like FacePlus that’s no longer an issue. According to the developer, the secret to creating beautiful portraits with FacePlus lies in the latest software technology. This technology combined with editing tools and face filters, created by computer vision experts and art designers, is what allows mobile app users to easily edit selfie pics with very little effort. And in their own words: “Thanks to modern computer vision technologies that help to analyze face and find areas to be improved automatically. Our cutting edge face manipulation software allows you to create really cool portraits with elegant, stylish, well contrasted faces. On top of fully automatic processing FacePlus enables you to make manual changes of contrast, color and texture.”

7 Easy Steps From Start To Finish

FacePlus is easy to use because Itseez included helpful features to get you started, along with practice photos too. There is a helpful tutorial with 7 quick slides to explain everything you need to know about using this app in under a minute. And if you’re not comfortable editing on your own face to begin, FacePlus provides 5 male and female practice photos to demo the editing process on. Overall, this beautifying portrait app is easy to use, just follow the 7 basic steps below.

1. Take a photo or select a photo from your photo album to edit.
2. Encircle face(s) or peel. The general face area is automatically detected for you, but you can further refine editing using the “Peel” and “Draw” function.
3. Select the level of change.
4. Smooth to remove imperfections and contrast to highlight features.
5. Whiten teeth and eyes, and use the eraser to edit changes.
6. Try out different filter styles to give photos added interest.
7. Save photos to your camera roll and share on Facebook and Twitter.

iPhone selfie app FacePlus

FacePlus App Details

Thanks to the automatic beautification feature in this portrait app, your skin imperfections seem to magically disappear. You’ll see noticeably less blemishes and wrinkles. You’ll get baby smooth skin with improved skin tone and facial contrast, and even more expressive eyes. The FacePlus app is also smart enough to, “Enhance contrast of eyebrows and mouth if needed.” Although FacePlus automatically does all the hard work for you, this selfie app does give you control over the desired level of enhancement. A simple slide bar enables you to slide to the right or left to set your desired level of change. You can choose a slight change to your appearance for a more realistic photo or move towards perfection for an almost flawless look.

FacePlus also provides some more basic editing tools that allow you to manually smooth specific areas of the face, add contrast/highlight to facial features, and brighten the whites of your eyes and teeth. And once you’re happy with your self portrait or group shot, you can choose to add 1 of the 6 filter templates to give your photo some extra pizzazz. The filter templates include: Beautified, Defocus, Rain Outside, Winter, Summer and Red Lips. These templates will provide seasonal and special effects that won’t go unnoticed.

iPhone photo editing app to get beautiful portraits

And when you’ve completed the whole simple photo editing process, FacePlus gives you the option to view your before and after photos before saving and sharing with others. You can choose to save your newly edited selfie or group photo to your camera roll and/or share with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re the type of person who wants to look great in all your photos without spending a lot of time editing or figuring out complicated photo editing tools, then FacePlus might be the perfectly simple selfie app to help you put your best face forward each and every time you decide to share a photo with the world.

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Product ID: requires iOS 7.0 or later
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