Fairway Solitaire HD, The Best Mobile Solitaire Game, WalkThrough (Video)

Fairway Solitaire HD is a golf themed solitaire game that is anything but boring. This mobile solitaire game is jam-packed with 100s of unique game boards, mini games, bonus clubs to find, funny sarcastic announcers and a wickedly pesky gopher that might drive you crazy!

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Fairway Solitaire Golf HD Game Overview

Fairway Solitaire was introduced in 2007 as a PC/Mac solitaire game that plays like golf. The game came to the iOS platform in 2012 and eventually to the Android OS platform and Amazon Android platform. The object of the game in this “award winning casual video game” is to clear each Course’s golf holes using cards and golf clubs by, of course, playing solitaire. The gameplay is essentially the same as any regular solitaire game, but there is a twist.

Players have access to a golf bag that can include Irons and Midas Clubs, which can be played as cards when a player is stuck. While Irons and Midas Clubs can help a player complete a Course, there are several hazards that will impede you from getting par. There are Water Hazards and Sand Trap cards that need to be unlocked as you play through most courses, and there is a feisty Gopher that will try to ruin your game. On the plus side, you do get one do over which is known in the golfing world as a “Mulligan” for each hole.

Fairway Solitaire HD iPad app Review

Fairway Solitaire HD has essentially 2 types of gameplay. They are quite similar but have somewhat different objectives. There is regular Course gameplay and Daily Challenges. The regular Course gameplay is focused on getting the lowest score, just like golf. While the Daily Challenges focus on reaching achievements like playing 7 red cards in a row, getting an overall score of -7 below par, and becoming more difficult.

The regular Course gameplay starts off with the first Course in the Beginners Course Pack and each additional Course must be unlocked by successfully meeting the scoring requirements on the preceding Course. There is a new Daily Course Challenge each day with other previous day’s challenges also playable. At least 1 Daily Challenge is free, and others require Gopher Bucks to play. But once unlocked, you can play them as many times as you want.

The game currency is Gopher Bucks, which can be used to buy Irons, Midas Clubs, unlock additional Courses, Purchase Power-ups, different Card Decks, and more. Gopher Bucks are earned through gameplay, with increased payouts for good single hole gameplay as well as completing achievements and earning Trophies. Stars are also earned for each hole 1-3 based on how low your score is. The lower the score, the more stars you earn. Stars, Trophies, and Gopher Bucks all can be used to unlock additional Courses.

Players are encouraged to create or register for a free Big Fish account for special offers and other incentives (on the top left of the home screen). Now that you have a good overview of what Fairway Solitaire HD has to offer, let’s find out how to play!

How To Play

You will need to have a handle on basic solitaire gameplay to play Fairway Solitaire HD. You can find out the basics of how to play solitaire from the preceding “basic solitaire gameplay” link. But Fairway Solitaire HD plays a bit differently than regular solitaire. Each game or golf hole starts off with a crazy solitaire game board already setup. Some cards are face up while others are facedown, and most cards are locked, meaning a card has to be removed that is on top of a locked card before the card will either be playable or turn over.

iPad App Review for Fairway Solitaire HD

Each game also starts with a draw pile and a turned card next to the draw pile that’s face up. From the draw pile are your cards to play when you do not have a match to play on your face card. Here is an example of the gameplay (see picture). You have a 10 card face up, your draw cards are to the left of the face card. As you can see in the picture, I played a 9 card on the 10, the only other play possible for a 10 card is a Jack. Once the 9 card is played, in reference to the above picture, there are no cards that can be played on a 9 (10 or 8) available.

But if you look at the bottom right of the above picture, you will see a bag of golf clubs. When you are stuck you can tap a club that would allow you to play a card on the game board. So I can play a 6 Club and it turns into a 6 card, which then allows either a 7 or 5 to be played on it. A couple of other game rules: card suit does not matter and you can play red on black hearts on clubs and so on. Also, the best way to win at this game is to get long runs, playing several cards at a time without having to use a draw card.

And lastly, you can play cards backwards and forwards if you have not already figured that out. Meaning you can play a 6 card, then 5, a 6 on the 5, or 7 on the 6, etc. Those are the basics to help you play Fairway Solitaire HD, but there is a lot more to this unique and fun golf solitaire game.

Courses Gameplay

Currently there are 81 regular Courses to play and 81 locked Courses that can only be opened using earned Stars, Trophies, or Gopher Bucks. Each Course has a different number of holes and 1 hole is a game. Courses also have a par score and you can view the name of the Course, your current score, your Course score and the par score for the hole (in the upper left of the hole game board screen).

iPad App Review for the Best Mobile Solitaire Game for iPad

Daily Course Challenge Gameplay

There are currently 21 Daily Challenge Courses, 3 a day for 7 days. This changes daily, thus the name “Daily Challenge.” These Courses play exactly the same as the regular Courses gameplay, with the exception that you are trying to meet a certain objective to win a Daily Challenge. Daily Objectives range from having objects such as: play 10 black cards in a row, play 10 diamonds in row, complete the Course with an overall score of -3 or less, and the like. Daily Challenges are a great way to earn Gopher Bucks and may even help to unlock a Trophy.

Gopher, Mini-Games, Sarcastically Funny Announcers

Fairway Solitaire was designed around the funny ’80s movie Caddy Shack, which featured Bill Murray who relentlessly tried to kill that pesky gopher. Well, the Gopher is back and just as pesky as ever. You’ll encounter the Gopher 1 of 2 ways, either the Gopher pops up on the screen or you hit a wild shot.

iPad Game Review for Fairway Solitaire

If the Gopher pops up on the screen you can tap on him to get rid of him, but if you don’t, a mini game starts that you may win or lose. Winning provides Gopher Bucks and other power-ups, but if you lose a Gopher mini game, you may lose draw pile cards or Gopher Bucks. The Gopher is also there to mock you when you don’t do well on a hole or course.

The best part of this game are the funny announcers who comment on your gameplay, the hole itself, or provide humorous golf related stories. There is an American announcer and a Scottish announcer, who happens to be a very colorful character. The Announcers will also notify you if the Gopher pops up on the screen so that you can tap on him to make him go away. This also earns you 5 Gopher Bucks. Big Fish Games did a fantastic job of incorporating a deep story background that makes you the feel like the announcers are present during your gameplay. Brilliant!

Trophies & Golf Shop

There are currently 67 Trophies to earn that can payout large amounts of Gopher Bucks. Trophies are earned by completing achievements and add up over time.

Solitaire Game iPad App Review

The Golf Shop is just that, it is where you can buy everything and anything to help you play better Fairway Solitaire. You can also purchase Gopher Bucks through in app purchase in the Golf Shop. Below are numerous examples of the different power-ups that are available in the Golf Shop.

  • “Eye Can’t Miss” Glasses – down the Putting Contest arrow
  • “Head Down Trainer” – slows down the Long Drive contest arrow
  • “Mulligans Card” – adds 1 extra Mulligan per hole
  • Find Time Watch” – slows down the Lost Ball mini game
  • Flower Power Herbal Drink” – increases Long Drive Contest distances by 25%
  • “Iron Factory” – allows re-purchasing of irons after just 1 hole
  • “Flick of the Wrist Book” – flips over half the face-down cards at the start of every hole
  • “Head Start Cereal” – Starts every hole with 10 Golf Bucks on the Great Shot meter
  • “Munch Ease Weed Eater” – removes one playable rough card every hole
  • “Deal Maker Book” – discounts all Golf Buck items in the Golf Shop
  • “Gopher Repellent” – reduces gopher Wild Shot appearances by 50%

iPad App Review for Golf Solitaire Game

Irons & Midas Clubs

Irons & Midas Clubs can be critical to completing a hole with a par or lower. There will be times when you have horrible streaks where your draw cards don’t line up with the playable cards on the game board. This is when Irons or Midas Clubs can save your game. Irons and Midas Clubs can be found during gameplay, but this does not happen often. But you can purchase Irons with Gopher Bucks, either individually or all (2-9). However, there is a cool down period in between purchases and you will notice the price may fluctuate depending on your situation when you purchase Irons. If you are desperate, the Irons are going to cost you more. So plan ahead and load up on them before starting your gameplay. Irons are only playable for cards between 2-9.

Midas Clubs, on the other hand, when used allow you to play any card on them. This can truly be a game saver. Again, Midas Clubs can only be found, which does not happen often. You can also purchase them through in app purchase. The current cost of Midas Clubs is 24 for $1.99, all the way up to 1,100 for $49.99.

Game Tips

  • Don’t play fast – think before you take your turn, studying the cards you see face up as well as the cards that are face up but locked.
  • Try for “Great Shots” – Great Shots occur when you play a consecutive number of cards in a row. The more you play the better because in the top left of the hole game screen is the “Great Shot Meter.” If you get the ball in the hole in the Great Shot Meter you earn 1000 Gopher Bucks.
  • Tap the Gopher and skip the mini game – Playing the mini games are like gambling. You will lose more than you win.
  • Buy Irons before you need them.
  • Water Hazards and Sand Traps early – Don’t play around the hazards or you may find your game coming to an early end.
  • Earn Free Gopher Bucks – You can earn free Gopher Bucks watching videos in the Golf Shop.
  • Earn Trophies – Check out the Trophy requirements and work towards winning them. They can pay 20,000 Gopher Bucks.

Game Lingo

Par: The benchmark score for the hole and is referred to as “E” for even if you complete the hole you are even with the Course score. All other scores are based on par as seen below.

  • Bogey: 1 over par
  • Double Bogey: 2 over par
  • Triple Bogey: 3 over par
  • Birdie: 1 under par
  • Eagle: 2 under par (M)
  • Double Eagle: 3 under par
  • Triple Eagle: 4 under par

My Fairway Solitaire HD Game Review

Believe it or not, I found out about the Fairway Solitaire HD app from my mother. She has a Fairway Solitaire HD addiction. I began playing over a year ago and have found myself at different stages of addiction. Sometimes I play for hours and other times I will play for just for a quick break from other more intense games that I’ve been playing.

This particular solitaire game is by far my favorite solitaire game of all time and the best mobile solitaire game for iOS, Android and Amazon Android. But Big Fish Games has not stopped with the platforms already named in this article. You can also play on BigFish.com, but the game is called Fairway.

If you are looking for a free and humorous solitaire game, then download Fairway Solitaire HD now and tee it up! Enjoy!

Best iPad Solitaire Game for iPad - Fairway Solitaire HD

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Developer: Big Fish Games, Inc
iOS iPad Games application, Cost: $0.00, v 1.7.3
Fairway Solitaire HD by Big Fish
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 03/12/2014
Fairway Solitaire HD is a highly polished solitaire golf game wrapped around a great storyline that features a pesky gopher to spice things up a bit. Massive gameplay!
4.5 / 5 stars

About The Developer

Founded in 2002, Big Fish is the world’s largest producer of casual games. They’re dedicated to bringing engaging entertainment to everyone, anywhere, and on any device. Through its proprietary, data-driven platform, millions of consumers seeking engaging entertainment easily discover and play PC and mobile games created by Big Fish’s in-house studios and its network of more than 140 exclusive development partners.

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