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Free iPad Fairy Game

The Diving Fairy app delivers a magical endless runner game where you guide Rovie, the adventurous fairy, through 36 levels of challenging free-fall gameplay. For generations, fairies like Tinker Bell and the Tooth Fairy have entertained the imagination of kids everywhere. And with this new iOS Universal Games app, kids can enjoy playing a game with their own virtual fairy using the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

iPhone Fairy Game Diving Fairy

Diving Fairy Game Overview

For beginners, Diving Fairy has playful and pastel-colored cartoon graphics. It also features pleasant forest sounds heard during gameplay, complete with various birds chirping it up in the background. You play as Rovie, the youngest of 3 sibling fairies who likes to dive, and dive she does. This simple-to-play game is more challenging than you think and will test your reflexes as you try to guide your fairy through 2 different level game modes (Night and Day), and an Infinity game mode that is unlocked after completing level 1.

The game begins with the player tapping on the screen to get Rovie to dive. Once she begins her dive, it is up to you to guide her past platforms, birds, and other objects to make a safe landing in the landing zone. Along the way there are coins to collect that help you pay for upgrades to power-ups. The power-ups include: Rabbit (go faster), Turtle (go slower), Magnet (automatically collects coins), and the Superpower (makes Rovie invincible). There are 36 overall levels of free gameplay, including 18 levels of Day and Night gameplay. Once the Infinity game mode is unlocked, this game can also be played for free with the objective to see “how far you can fall” – safely that is.

Diving Fairy Free iPhone Game

How to Play Diving Fairy

As mentioned above, each game or level starts with the player tapping the screen to start a new diving adventure. In this fairy app, there are 2 game control options to guide your free falling fairy with. Players can choose either a touch slider or the tilt controls to help guide Rovie safely past the many obstacles. Be sure to grab as many coins as you can during each level as well as the power-ups to help you beat the game. But, be cautious of the Rabbit power-up because this power-up increases your falling speed a lot. You may even want to avoid the Rabbit power-up because as you continue to play through each level you will find your fairy falling faster and faster. There is also one twist to the level gameplay, and that is that you must land Rovie safely on the landing pad.

Free Fairy Game, Diving Fairy for iPhone

This is really not that hard. All you have to do is tap on the screen when you enter the “Zone,” which is identifiable by the screen color changing to yellow. Once you tap on the screen, wings come out of Rovie and she turns to a standing position for you to guide her safely to a stop.

This fairy game is completely free-to-play, but does include a subtle banner ad at the bottom of the game board. While the power-ups can be upgraded with coins collected during gameplay, users can also purchase coins to upgrade the power-ups faster, which makes them all last for a longer period of time. And if you don’t want to see any ads in this free game, you can choose the in-app purchase to remove them.

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