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Fancy Balloon, Simply Magical Android Live Wallpaper (Video)

Fancy Balloon is a simply magical, amusement-park-themed live wallpaper app that’s free for the Android. This live wallpaper app features whimsical Japanese-inspired graphics with animated balloons that float from the bottom to the top of the screen. And, these colorful balloons can be popped for an extra bit of fun.

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The Fancy Balloon Android Live Wallpaper app is super easy to use. After installing this free Android app, simply enter into the display settings and select “Fancy Balloon” from your live wallpaper selections. There are no other settings for this app, just simple Fancy Balloon enjoyment as you watch the balloons float up or interact by popping them.

Fancy Balloon Live Wallpaper App Features

-Fancy Balloon is a live wallpaper of a magical amusement park.
-Touch balloons in the sky, and let the girl have it.
-Ads will be displayed when you touch 10 times the balloon.

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