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FarmKill – Grandpa’s Got A Gun!

Grandpa is ready with some good old fashion, zombie butt-whipping firepower (guns, explosives, etc) to keep the farm house  just the way he likes it, “Zombie FREE.”  Your goal in FarmKill (by Edible Entertainment)  is to protect your farm from the hordes of attacking night zombies. There are ooddles and booddles of zombie killing games in the iTunes App Store; however, FarmKill stood out to me for a a couple of reasons: First, the Grandpa character is a too funny and speaks in a hard-to-understand Cajun language with subtitles that explain the next mission, weapon, or just touch his belly to hear a funny story. Second, the variety of whacko items you can use to kill the zombies with like explosive animals and deadly flowers take this zombie-killing game up a notch on my app belt. The premise in this zombie-killer is to protect your farm through 28 challenging nights of attacks. You start off with a gun and tap-to-shoot gameplay. Zombies come from all directions and in all sorts of forms: walking, crawling and howling. While this is a FREE game, there are in app purchases that can be made to help you protect the farm, which is the end goal.

Farmkill FREE iPhone Game App ReviewFarmkill FREE iPhone Game App Review

Besides the wide variety of weapons and odd assortment of extras, there are barriers like a fence to slow down the massive zombie intrusion. Another feature that spoke to me in this enjoyable zombie-killing game was the amount of detail in the graphics and the creepy farm sounds; they seemed to all work together providing a solid FREE iPhone game experience. FarmKill is definitely a worthy  FREE download, and even it was $0.99 , it’d still be worth it. Check out all our iPhone app reviews. Crazy Mike

Farmkill FREE iPhone App Details

Title: Farmkill
Price: FREE
Size: 58.3 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Edible Entertainment Pty Ltd
Store: iTunes App Store

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Farmkill - Edible Entertainment Pty Ltd

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Farmkill FREE iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal
Your farm is under attack by zombies! Keep those zombies off your lawn and protect your plants and animals and your brains in this action packed Farm Defence Shooter.

Farmkill Features

28 Challenging Nights to survive

9 different guns to shoot incoming zombies with

A variety of explosives and mines blow up zombie crowds

Unlockable weapons and defence items for every night you can survive

Raise explosive animals that hate zombies and will defend the farm

Build fences and barricades to slow down the waves of undead

Grow deadly flowers and plant them on your lawn to resist the zombie onslaught

Golden Chickens for surviving a night unscathed! Collect them All!

Buy extra Farm Cash and Super Items to give yourself an edge in this fun and challenging game of skill and strategy!

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