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Fart Sound Free, Android Fart Prank Fun Without The Stink! (Video)

The Fart Sound Free app lets you “break wind” without the effort, share farts through email, or set the ultimate fart bomb as a funny prank!

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Fart apps were one of the most popular apps in the early days of the iTunes App Store and Google Play. These fart sound apps have now faded in with the massive number of apps now available in iTunes and Google Play. However, being the keen-eyed app reviewers we are, we found a hidden Android fart application.


The Fart Sound Free Android app has a bunch of awesome sounding farts for free and much more. You can even set a time bomb fart. Just select your fart, tap start and after 10 seconds your selected fart sound launches. There is also an email option to send someone your favorite fart. Honestly, what will technology come up with next? Maybe scratch and sniff fart sound apps? Now that is just disgusting, but who knows, it could be a possibiltiy in the future.

Fart Sound Free is a great free Android Entertainment app for some juvenile fun. I am 45 and I love this app. I guess I am never going to grow up.

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