Fastest Racing Game in the iTunes App Store….Ikaro Racing HD!

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Ikaro Racing HD may very well be the fastest racing game in the iTunes App Store! This racing game features really cool 3D graphics, which are extremely realistic — spooky realistic. There are 6 cool futuristic planes to choose from, that must unlocked as you advance through the 22 different high-flying race tracks. The game can be played in 3 different game modes (career, quick race and time trial), that provide for lots of fast-flying replay. While testing this app, I got the sensation that I was flying a real plane over real terrain — sort of a vertigo feeling at times. The game plays fast and the object is to win races, which requires your plane to fly through square blocks/booths that can’t be missed, as part of the race requirement. If and when you miss a block/booth, a nagging blinking arrow will appear on the top right, tap on it and you will be brought back in front of the missing block/booth. There are several different settings for the race itself as far as assists, camera view, and controls. This game will have you racing at speeds over 300+ miles per hour and that is where the fun truly soars. You can race at speeds of 300+ miles an hour through canyon crevices, between skyscrapers, over water that shimmers as you streak past it. But be careful, if you hit your plane against an object (even water), you will crash. There are extras worth finding: one being how to get the boat to shore with your plane (you’ll figure it out). All in all, I haven’t played a faster racing game on my iPad or iPhone and for FREE this is a great value. If you enjoy racing games just a little bit you will want to check out Ikaro Racing HD, enjoy this FREE title today! Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. CM

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Ikaro Racing HD iPad App Details

Title: Ikaro Racing HD
Price: FREE
Category: Games
Developer: NuOxygen
Store: iTunes App Store

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Ikaro Racing HD - NuOxygen

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Ikaro Racing HD iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal
With Ikaro Racing HD you are the pilot of a high performance airplane racing for life at low altitude against a fleet of colorful peers in a breathtaking scenario, working your way from apprentice to full-fledged ace pilot.

Enjoy and explore the magnificent scenario of the city with all its skyscrapers, fly at low altitude over the water of a calm laguna at dusk, enjoy the beauty of an Arizona canyon under the noon sun.

Ikaro Racing HD has been designed to take full advantage of the iPad 2 and the iOS platform.
This is not one of the many flight simulation games you can find in the App Store.
This is THE RACING 3D FLIGHT SIMULATOR, nothing else comes close. Try to believe !!

All of this and more is part of the Ikaro Racing HD experience.
The airplanes are designed with maniacale care for the details, cameras from all directions will make you experience the emotion of flight in a way that you have never dreamed of.

The camera views during and after the game session highlight the inherent beauty of the surroundings creating a truly immersive experience.
Since Ikaro Racing HD is a very dynamic game the player must always be ever-alert, soaking in the scenery but wary of what lies ahead.

Since every session of the game is fully recorded, the player can go back and watch its performance and that of other players from many different view angles, the perfect game for the family entertainment.

Featuring :
22 Different racing tracks
6 High performance racing airplanes
5 Amazing scenarios from desert canyons to oceanic island, from mountains to modern cities
Championship mode & Fast Race
Time Racing Mode on every track
Record & Save Races
Multiple point of view cameras selection
Different flying modes
Different daylight & weather conditions

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