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Fatify – Get Fat, Skinny, Fat Again with Fatify!

Fatify (by Apptly) is an entertainment app that lets you “gain” up to 500 pounds with a few simple taps and lose it again just as fast — with a few more taps. You can “fatify” yourself, your friends, your family and then share these interactive images via text, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or email. Certainly an amusing gag app that will provide for some good-natured laughs and allow you to tag some friends with their own fat pictures — hopefully they are good sports. A few ingenious features Apptly added are the sighs, farts and burps your new plump face makes, all of which can be captured either in a photo or in a short video to be shared with the rest of the world.

During my testing, I shared both a picture and video to Facebook and found the sharing function to be really easy, working like a charm. There is an in app purchase for $0.99 to get some extra added chub (with one easy tap) that I splurged on while Fatifying myself. Fatify is a crazy entertainment app that allows for some silly, portly fun with friends, family, and of course yourself — gotta be able to laugh at yourself. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Video: Watch Fatify – Get Fat, Skinny, Fat Again with Fatify! App Video


YouTube Fatify App Video Link: Fatify – Get Fat, Skinny, Fat Again with Fatify!


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