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MoneyPad (Budget, Expense, Income, Transfer & Asset), by Blue Mobile Cloud, is a feature-rich, quick input, and easy-to-use financial tracking app with CSV file export and backup/restore functionality. The best feature of this app is the opening screen because it has all your relevant information in one place: accounts, expenses, income, budget, remaining budget, and daily information, as well as a quick input hot button (upper right + sign) for quickly inputing expenses, incomes, and transfers. This app also makes it simple to add categories and sub categories for expenses and incomes. Another great feature is the plethora of available reports with 3D graphs for a quick understanding of where you stand with your finances, and all reports can be emailed as CSV files easily.

MoneyPad iPhone Finance App ReviewMoneyPad iPhone Finance App Review

The budget portion of the app is simplified making it both fast to use, as well as breeze to enter data. The settings tab for this app has quite a bit of features to select or deselect, and this is where you can customize expense, income, and other categories. If you are unsure how to use this app, check the FAQs provided or the user guides for extensive information on all the ins and outs of this app. Finally, there is a backup and restore function that allows you to offload all of your financial information to your computer through iTunes file sharing. MoneyPad (Budget, Expense, Income, Transfer & Asset) will help you keep your finances straight on the go, and you can back them up to your computer for added security.

MoneyPad (Budget, Expense, Income, Transfer & Asset) iPhone App Developers Description

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MoneyPad is an extremely easy to use, yet feature-rich financial app that lets you control your budget and track your expenses, income, account and asset. It takes seconds to record a transaction, and from the home screen you can view all the data you need at a glance, like net worth, budget, expenses, income and daily transactions.


▸ Passcode protection.
▸ Global currencies supported.
▸ Can add photo for transaction.
▸ Ability to customize categories and subcategories.
▸ Select from 100+ icons for categories and subcategories.
▸ Export CSV report of transactions by e-Mail.
▸ Number Pad with calculation.
▸ Search function provided.

✥ Categories and Budgeting
▸ Set a budget, and track expenses at the category level or set one budget for all expenses.
▸ Real-time statistics for spent vs. remaining budget.
▸ Based on last month’s budget, budget rollover automatically on the first day of new month.

✥ Expenses
▸ Create, add notes and organize by categories.
▸ View totals per category/date and overall.

✥ Income
▸ Create, add notes and organize by categories.
▸ View totals per category/date and overall.

✥ Accounts
▸ Ability to create separate accounts for your cash, bank accounts, credit cards, and assets.
▸ Multi-currency support. Each account can have different currency with user-input exchange rate to home currency.

✥ Recurring & Bills
▸ Create, add notes and organize recurrings by expense, income and transfer.
▸ Ability to set alerts .

✥ Local Notifications
▸ Get reminded when your recurring bills, expenses, income and transfer are due.

✥ Vendors
▸ Ability to create, edit and delete Vendor.
▸ Track vendor information including account numbers, websites, and phone numbers.

✥ Backups/Restore
▸ Backup your data in one tap and email the backup file to yourself for safekeeping.
▸ Restore data through iTunes file sharing.

✥ Charts and Reports
▸ Interactive 3D Pie charts for expense/income/assets/ liabilities break-down.
▸ Trend chart for expense and Income for the last 6 months.

Please don’t leave your bug reports or feature requests on the App Store. The developer can not reply to you through the App Store. Please contact with the developer via email or Facebook.
Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/MoneyPad/287251971314849?sk=wall

MoneyPad (Budget, Expense, Income, Transfer & Asset) iPhone App Details

Title: MoneyPad (Budget, Expense, Income, Transfer & Asset)
Price: $3.99
Category: Finance
Size: 3.8 MB
Developer: Blue Mobile Cloud
Store: iTunes App Store

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MoneyPad (Budget, Expense, Income, Transfer & Asset) - Blue Mobile Cloud


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