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Fera HD For Facebook – Maximize Your Facebook!

Fera HD For Facebook is an extremely feature-rich (iPad) Facebook app that allows you to customize your experience while using this popular social network, and has features like drag and drop tabs, bulk-picture uploading — plus much more. iPad owners who are avid consumers of the Facebook social network will want this app after watching our iPad video app demo for this application. Fera HD For Facebook includes several features that are missing in the official Facebook app, such as showing profile cover photos, allowing users to translate all status updates into other languages (both theirs and others), drag and drop tabs, and so on.

You can truly create a very custom Facebook experience with this application that can be enjoyed in either portrait or landscape mode. The tab function is a feature that is similar to tabs on a website, each time you open a tab, say profile (etc.), a tab will appear either on the right or bottom depending how you are viewing the app (landscape or portrait) and when you long hold on that tab you can close out those activities. You just need a slight touch on the left side of any tab on the left side to move those tabs for profiles, photos, videos, pages, etc., to place them in the position or order that you like best.

iPad social networking app iPad social networking app

The photo uploading for this app is really good and I was able to upload multiple photos in seconds. Users can also download photos from any profile with another long touch on any image. There are loads of other features, many that are unique to this app which no other Facebook iPad app has. Another useful feature is that the app supports multiple Facebook accounts, so switching between accounts is really simple. But, one thing that is missing is a help or tips feature — except for the very first time you log in. I would love to see the help/FAQ’s available on demand for those of us with a short memory span, especially since there are so many great features to remember. One big tip: if you’re not sure how to use this app you can’t go wrong by long holding on any status update, image, etc., because you’ll probably get a tool menu with more options. Fera HD For Facebook is a great Facebook app that will definitely increase your Facebook use. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Fera HD For Facebook iPad App Details

Title: Fera HD For Facebook
Price: $1.99
Size: 9.6 MB
Category: Social Networking
Developer: Nam Kennic
Store: iTunes App Store

Fera HD For Facebook iPad App Download Link

Fera HD for Facebook - Nam Kennic

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Fera HD For Facebook iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad

Fera HD is the most feature complete app for Facebook on the market today. Packed with a suite of powerful tools that enable you to get the very best out of your Facebook experience on iPad, Fera HD is a beautifully designed way to browse and manage your Facebook accounts. Fera HD lets you do more and see more than any other Facebook app on the market.

Fera HD for Facebook blends an incredibly intuitive and customisable user interface with beautiful design to bring you a completely new social networking experience on your iPad. Fera HD really makes the most of the iPad’s larger screen size and is now fully compatible with the Retina Display on 3rd Gen iPad.


Fera HD features:
• Now shows your Timeline Cover Photo for an even more vibrant experience (fully customizeable)
• Multiple Facebook account support means you can switch between Facebook accounts instantly without logging in and out
• You can tag friends and location to your status.
• Drag n drop tabbed browsing puts all of your accounts and information at your fingertips like never before
• Foreign friends? Fera HD will translate your wall posts to your language directly from your timeline and translate your replies back to your friends’ languages
• Even more powerful social sharing, post your updates back as tweets on Twitter
• Deep, integrated chat means that you can chat from anywhere in the app
• Batch upload unlimited photos/videos in the background while you catch up with friends
• Download entire photo/video albums to your iPad with one touch
• History list allows you to revisit profiles you’ve previously viewed
• Ask, browse and vote on Facebook Questions – not supported on any other app

… and a lot of features are waiting for you to explore.


★ Facebook and the Facebook Logo are trademark of Facebook Inc.
★ Fera for Facebook is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Facebook.

The creator of Fera for Facebook understand the importance of keeping users safety and takes your privacy very seriously.
The app never collect your personal information or save your password!
What’s new
✓ Optimized graphics for new iPad Retina display
✓ Push Notification is back
✓ New Share Publisher UI
✓ Page now supports Cover Photo view
✓ Supports Message for Admin Page
✓ Improved Cover Photo displaying (accurate position & size)
✓ Reposition or change Cover Photo (both main profile and admin pages)
✓ Improved the way to change profile picture
✓ Change profile picture for Admin Page
✓ Remove any wall posts in Admin Page
✓ Upload/Remove photos in Admin Page
✓ Photo/Video multi upload
✓ Video Download/Upload
✓ Auto create Album for downloaded photos (iOS 5 only)
✓ Post photo to friend’s wall
✓ Share to multi friends, pages, groups
✓ Tag friends to status (inline tagging with @ is also supported)
✓ Add location to status
✓ Show tagged videos
✓ Send Message, Remove/Archive Message, and Reply to message now work properly
✓ Comment composer has option to float to prevent cut-off problem
✓ Change posts privacy after posting
✓ Change Photo Album privacy setting
✓ NewsFeed and Top News now show more complete posts
✓ Auto load older posts
✓ Filter wall posts
✓ Speed improved for some actions
✓ Fixed incorrect sorting in Group wall
✓ Fixed Cancel Friend Request did not work
✓ Fixed failed to login and “Revalidate Dialog” problem
✓ And many other improvements & bug fixes

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