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FIFA 14, What You Need To Know iPhone App Video Review

FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS, for the iPhone, goes freemium. This game is a blast to play, minus the new control schema and the confusing user interface.

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EA SPORTS delivers a great FIFA 14 game, but figuring out the user interface is a bit challenging. We try to help explain the various forms of gameplay that include free and paid gameplay in this App Video Review. We also explain how to transfer players and consumables.

Basically, the opening screen is where you can access the paid game modes (Kickoff, Manager Mode, Campaign/Career). But, there is also free gameplay on the home screen, the newest being Match Day. Match Day allows you to follow your favorite team through the season playing games with real league rosters, including injuries and so on.

The core of the new game requires you to login to Origin to access Ultimate Team.

Watch our FIFA 14 App Video Review to get an overall look at how this game plays and a brief explanation on the confusing user interface.



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FIFA 14 Video
FIFA 14 Video
FIFA 14 Video





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