FIFA 14 Video Android App Review (Freemium/Premium)

You’ll want to watch the FIFA 14 Android App Video Review to get a front row view of how this new FIFA game plays! FIFA 14 (for Android) now features Ultimate Team online gameplay, penalty, and quick match for free, but charges $4.99 for Tournament, Quick Kick and Manager Modes.

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Electronic Arts turns out a hybrid “freemium/premium” game with the new FIFA 14 Android game. The freemium portion is based on cards and allows you to create your “ultimate” team. But, this will either cost you or require you to grind away. The “premium” portion of the game provides the original FIFA game we all love.

The new “touch controls” were difficult to use, specifically when trying to sprint. However, when I turned the Classic controls on, I experienced a much better gaming experience, and you probably will too.

Our FIFA 14 video is a quick look at what this new Android game provides.


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FIFA 14 Video
FIFA 14 Video
FIFA 14 Video






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