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Find Cheap Gas with the GasBuddy iPhone App

If you haven’t already downloaded the free iPhone Travel app GasBuddy Find Cheap Gas Prices, you should so you can start saving money today!

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The GasBuddy has an extremely easy-to-use interface with 4 gas categories (Regular, Mid-Grade, Premium, and Diesel) which can be filtered by distance and price when conducting searches. Searching is based either on your GPS location or through a search of the United States and Canada and by the way, gas costs $1.12 in London, Ontario (Canadian Dollars), which when checked with a currency calculator using AppZilla 3 is $1.12 US dollars, hmmm, Canada is cold, but the gas is sure cheap. Perhaps I should rethink this Florida living?

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Find Cheap Gas Near You With GasBuddy!


Other navigation includes a list or map view of the gas stations showing the cheapest gas prices in descending order. I have used this app several times and this is the first time I found all 5 closest gas stations reporting the exact same price $3.39, weird. Besides this app saving you extra money with the latest and cheapest gas prices, you can actually win a free gas gift card by participating in the GasBuddy community. You do this by reporting gas prices wherever you are at and earn points for doing so. Each 1,000 points earns you 1 ticket in the weekly drawing for a $250 pre-paid gas card (pretty sweet). If you don’t believe it, there is a list of winners holding their gift cards. They look like normal regular people, so this free perk looks legit.

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Chance of Winning $250 Gas Every Week


The GasBuddy app is being used by a reported 22 million people and is available for both the iPhone and Android platforms. There are advertisements in the app, but they really blend into the information and are not an issue. Another awesome feature of this app is the smoking-fast speed at which it provides you the gas price information. If you want to save some money on the extra high gas prices that we are enduring here in the US, download this app and start saving today. Want to save even more, report gas prices and maybe you will win $250 in free gas from this app, good luck.

Download The GasBuddy App Now

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