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Firefly Forest! Glowing Nostalgic Fun!

Firefly Forest! (by Lopatatech) is a subtle yet simple tap/draw game on the surface, but in reality it will test your reflexes through the 3 various game modes with ever-increasing difficulty and 37 levels of gameplay. Most of us have fond memories of catching fireflies as children and putting them into jars, all while staring in amazement at their little glowing bug bodies. Firefly Forest! brings some of that same mystery and simple enjoyment as an iOS Universal game that has 3 distinct firefly-catching game modes, each with its own difficulty factor (this is where the reflex part comes in).

In the first game mode, players tap on the screen anywhere once the firefly has illuminated itself: the faster you tap, the more points you get. The overall objective of this game is to fill up your virtual glass jar on the left side of the screen with enough fireflies to make the whole jar shine brightly. The second game mode is probably the most difficult, but after playing the third, this may be debatable. The second game mode requires you to tap on the fireflies’ behinds once they start to glow, again, the faster you do this, the more points you get and the faster your glass jar begins to fill up with light. The third and final game mode is a “repeat-to-draw” of the character that is presented to you once the firefly lights up. Now, this seems pretty easy at first when you’re drawing squares and the letter z, but as in all game modes, these games increase in difficulty (quickly), making for some challenging casual iPhone gameplay.

Firefly Forest! iPhone Game App ReviewsFirefly Forest! iPhone Game App Reviews

While there are currently only 27 levels in each game mode (with more coming soon), the levels get substantially more difficult straightaway and in no short order. There are some artistic features that should not be overlooked in this application that make it stand out, such as the gorgeous graphics and pleasant-sounding classical music as you virtually catch your fireflies. There are also subtle summer sounds of crickets and such in the background that provide a really nice overall gaming experience. I can’t help it, but whenever I see a firefly, it harkens back good memories that make me want to grab a jar and catch them all — now, you can too with this pleasant iOS Universal (iPhone/iPod or iPad/iPad2) touch game. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Firefly Forest! iPhone App Details

Title: Firefly Forest!
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 19.9 MB
Developer: Lopatatech
Store: iTunes App Store

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Firefly Forest! - Sergey Kalinin

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Firefly Forest! iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal
Gameplay for Various Skill Levels Firefly

Forest provides various play modes that offer different levels of complexity. Beginners and younger players can enjoy a mode that lets them tap anywhere onscreen when a firefly flashes while more advanced players can play modes in which they must tap directly on the firefly as it lights up in order to catch it. The game is reflex-based, so the quicker you tap a flashing firefly, the more points you get. A careful eye and a quick finger are essential.

Share Your Results With Friends Competitive?

The game makes it easy to share your results on your favorite social network such as Facebook, Twitter and OpenFeint. Let your friends know who’s best, and top each other’s high scores again and again.

Or just Relax…

Maybe you don’t want to compete with everyone. How about just catching fireflies and working your way through the levels. Enjoy the beautifully-illustrated backgrounds and the soothing classical music, complimented by the chirp of crickets. Each time you tap to capture a firefly, you hear a soft, rewarding musical chime.

Pick Up and Play Firefly Forest is easy for players of all ages.

It’s easy to learn, but the challenge is in building your reaction time. As your reflexes get better, your score will go up. It also makes itself simple for those who play mobile games. You don’t want to wait through minutes of story. You just want to start the game and play. When you’re done, you just want to turn the game off and start where you left off when you’re ready again. Firefly Forest is your game.


– Twenty-seven levels of varying difficulty
– Three different play modes with varying levels of complexity
– Share your scores with friends across social networks
– Classical music, beautiful sound and visuals to keep players going

What’s new

– Minor bug fixes

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