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First Person Shooter App – Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

The first person shooter app continues to evolve on iPhone and iPad devices with the release of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. This first person shooter app is more impressive than any of the other Modern Combat titles. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour features alternating good guy and bad guy levels, more realistic gun battles, tougher enemies, and the best First Person Shooter multiplayer gameplay for the iOS or Android OS. This version of Modern Combat shows a depth of maturity in mobile gaming that is very cool to be a part of. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour’s game engine is powered by Havok Engine, which provides for very realistic body movements and vehicle movements. This feature takes this game up a notch or 2 from any previous Modern Combat title or other first person shooter app. The sounds and graphics also deserve accolades, as does the attention to detail in this game, specifically during gun battles.

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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is an awesome example of first person shooter game evolution that is occurring on mobile devices.

Parents – This iOS Universal app has a Rated 17+ rating and includes quite a bit of swearing, violence, blood, etc.


Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour | Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour iPad App Review

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