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Fishy Math – Pac-Man Like Education App For Kids!

Jump into a Pac-Man type environment with this kids’ iPad Education app called Fishy Math. Young kids will play as a fish swimming in an underwater Pac-Man like game board eating dots and correct answers to solve addition problems, but be sure to watch out for the fish-eating shark in the more advanced levels. Fishy Math has been called “PacMath” and is quite a concept that encourages kids to have fun playing games with the added benefit of learning to memorize simple addition equations. For those not familiar with Pac-Man, it’s an iconic video game that came out in 1980 and still remains popular today — 3+ decades later.

In Fishy Math, kids play as an orange fish, much like the Pac-Man character, cruising along eating dots and trying to gobble up the correct answer for each addition equation that appears in the upper left of the game board, to rack up points. There are a few hazards (baddies) to avoid like wrong answers and a rather aggressive shark in the more advanced levels that make the task a little more tricky. Kids can tap-to-play using the directional controls (bottom center) or by using swipe gestures, which provide a more intuitive, easier to control, and more comfortable playing method for this type of game. Fishy Math has 10 levels, but users can play past this and each level has a star ranking system that allows for replay of game levels — and replay value.


There are no advertisements, in app purchases, nor social networks in Fishy Math to lead kids astray. I found this retro-style game to be a very simplistic, yet an enjoyable math game that will more than likely draw young kids into this learning game and teach them some basic math at the same time. However, at its current price of $1.99, it could be considered a bit steep for the amount of content in the game. I think a perfect “addition” to this game would be a few different game modes or even a variety of other arithmetic equations for subtraction, division, and multiplication. This iOS Universal kids’ Education game has room to grow and a great game engine to drive it. Be sure to watch the Fishy Math iPad App Video Demo for a complete look at this iOS Universal Education app. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Fishy Math iPad App Details

Title: Fishy Math
Price: $1.99
Size: 7.7 MB
Category: Education
Developer: Math Game Time
Store: iTunes App Store

Fishy Math iPad App Download Link

Fishy Math - Math Game Time

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Fishy Math iPad Developers App Description

iOS Universal

Practice mental addition with Fishy Math! It’s a fun learning game for kids 5 and up.

– Guide your fish within an exciting underwater world.
– Improve your addition skills by eating the correct answer.
– Avoid the shark in advanced levels.
– Try to set the high score!

Kids have so much fun they forget they’re practicing addition. This app has been tested by educators, and even grownups will find it entertaining. This is the perfect app for kids, parents and teachers!

Privacy Disclosure:
– Does not include any advertisements.
– Does not contain in-app purchases.
– Does not contain integration with social networks.

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