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Fit Fix App By PopSugar – Discover Great Celebrity Workouts

Want to know how your favorite female celebrities maintain their awesome shapes? You’ll find out in the free Fit Fix app, by PopSugar Inc. This iOS Healthcare & Fitness app provides a nice mix of photo tutorials and workout videos led by celebrity trainers and PopSugar fitness experts. The 130+ bite-size workout routines (and additional routines added each week) should be enough to entice even the laziest couch potato to bust a move.



The Fit Fix app is available for the iPhone and iPad and comes with a nice selection of workout routines to work your whole body or just targeted parts. You’ll find workout routine Guides to read or Videos to watch. The PopSugar’s Fit Fix app description states that new workouts are added each week, so this should keep things fresh. One of the best things about this Healthcare & Fitness app is that most routines are very short, making them appealing and realistic workout goals for the average woman.

Fit Fix workout routines range from 5-45 minutes each and can be saved individually to create your own custom workouts. You can also filter and select routines by time, as well as schedule your preferred workouts on a built-in calendar. This calendar feature is a great way to get you into the habit of working out consistently.

The navigation in Fit Fix is arranged into 4 main areas: Featured, Workouts, Activity and My Routines. The Featured area had a selection of routines and workout styles to strengthen the body’s core, teach a sequence of yoga poses and train like Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated models. You’ll also find treadmill workouts, stationary bike routines, and more throughout this Fit Fix app. All Workout routines are categorized into 4 main categories: Strength Training, Running, Yoga, and Cardio, with lots of subcategory workouts within each group.



The Activity tab simply tracks the content you’ve viewed for easy reference. My Routines gives you a place to save, create and name workouts/routines, as well as sync to mobile devices. The Fit Fix app also gives you the option to download workout videos for offline viewing. This option makes it easy for you to get a workout in anywhere and anytime that’s best for you.

One thing to note about this iOS app is that although you can access to the app’s content, if you want to enjoy its full functionality like tracking your activity and progress, adding routines and syncing routines across mobile devices, you’ll need to sign up with your email or Facebook.

Overall, the variety of workout routines is great and just about every woman will find something that will appeal to her. Personally, my favorite workout styles are Full-body and Cardio, specifically dance. I was a bit disappointed that there were only 2 dance workout routines so far, but am optimistic since new content is continually added. And although the written Guides are nice, I much prefer to watch video demonstrations because they are more motivating. The one thing obviously missing in the Fit Fix app is a help/information area. The navigation is relatively easy but a Help/Info button would save some frustration, and make it quicker and easier to get around in this app.

So, if you’ve got a spare 10 minutes each day, you can start toning up those arms, firming up that butt and dancing those calories off your body, just like the stars do.

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