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Fix-it Felix Jr., Retro iOS Game Featuring Wreck-It Ralph (Video)

Fix-it Felix Jr. is already out and provides an 8-bit retro arcade game with a classic feel, 10 levels of ad free gameplay and Ralph, as Felix Jr’s arch nemesis.

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Fix-it Felix Jr. is a Disney promotional app for the new Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph. There are 10 levels of simplistic 8-bit arcade action gameplay where you play as Fix-it Felix Jr.. Your goal is to repair windows as fast as you can before Wreck-It Ralph breaks them again or you lose all your lives.


There may be a full version of this game coming out just before the movie to further promote the Wreck It Ralph movie. If I were Disney that would be my marketing tactic. For the average to good gamer this is a quick play, so this free app may appeal more to the younger kid range, which could just be the target market Disney is going after with this free iPhone and iPad game.

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