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More Than A Flashlight App Flashlight Ⓞ

Flashlight Ⓞ (by iHandy) is one of the many free flashlight apps in the iTunes App Store, but this one comes with more than just a flashlight. This basic flashlight iPhone app features an always on flashlight contained in a virtually realistic (tough-looking) metal-cased flashlight — sort of like the rechargeable Maglite flashlight I used as a police officer. To operate, simply tap the “on” button below the always working compass, and when you see the green light — you’re good to go. There are a bunch of strobe settings beginning with .5 up to SOS, which is basically a constant flashing or blinking light. Besides the flashlight, strobe effect, and compass, you also get some nice extras from this app, found in the box in the upper right corner (with an arrow coming out of it). What you get is access to additional FREE iHandy applications like Alarm Clock Pro, a Translator app, Tip Calculator app, and more. Once downloaded for free, you can access or open those apps from within this application — that’s pretty cool.

While this app and the extra added apps are not AppZilla, it is still a worthy flashlight app, and truth be told, I keep a flashlight app on my 1st screen where I do not have to go looking for it, especially in another app, because when you need to see — you need to see right away. Checkout our Flashlight Ⓞ iPhone App Video Review for this FREE iPhone Utilities application.


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Flashlight Ⓞ - iHandy Inc.

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