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Flick Game, Fearless Bob – Fun, Challenging, Addictive iOS Game (Video)

Fearless Bob is an addictive “flick game” that challenges you to rescue your friends from the clutches of Harold the hungry monster. This challenging casual game features 30 puzzling levels of physics gameplay, 6 unique game areas – and is completely free to play!

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Fearless Bob is an iOS Universal casual game that can be played anywhere and is perfect for all ages, making it a game the whole family can enjoy. Bob is a tenacious, round little creature who has an “axe to grind” with Harold the hungry monster because he’s taken all Bob’s friends. Now it’s up to Bob, and you, to help rescue all his friends.

Fearless Bob Game iPhone App Review

Fearless Bob Game Overview

As far as iOS casual games go, Fearless Bob is an enjoyable flick-to-play game. You play as Bob, a very durable little creature. Each level requires Bob to smash through a cage, which holds one of his stolen friends. There are numerous objects made of steel, glass, and concrete that Bob can smash through. But there are also rotating boxing gloves, electricity fields, and pinball bumpers that hurt Bob’s health when he hits them. Fortunately, Bob gets a health boost from smashing steel, concrete and glass, as well as increased points. There are also traveling tubes and switches to turn off the rotating boxing gloves which can help Bob stay alive longer.

iPhone App Review Video for Fearless Bob Flick Game

Ultimately, your goal is to figure out each level’s puzzle and break through the cage holding Bob’s friends. Once a level is completed you get a star ranking based on how many flicks it took, how much of Bob’s health is left, and how many objects you destroyed. And the best part about Fearless Bob is the game is completely free, but it does have banner and pop-up ads. However, these can be removed for a $0.99 in app purchase, which is quite reasonable.

iPhone App Review for Flick Game Fearless Bob

How To Play Fearless Bob

While this flick game is simple requiring only swipes or flicks to fling Bob through the air to smash objects, cages and whatnot, there is a technique to winning this game. You can flick Bob in a circular motion, which sends Bob in 180 degree circles. You will actually have to master the circular flick to beat the harder levels of gameplay. You will also have to use your noodle to figure out how to solve the puzzles after around level 3. But remember, Harold the monster is hungry, so unless you hurry, Bob’s friends are going to become a meal. So what are you waiting for?

Download your free copy of Fearless Bob below for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and help save Bob’s friends now!

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Developer: Windgrass Games
iOS Universal Games Application, Cost: $0.00, v. 1.0
Fearless Bob
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 04/30/2014
Fun, flick game where you play as Fearless Bob playing through 30 levels of physics puzzle gameplay.
3.5 / 5 stars

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