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Flick Golf! Free – Not Worth The Download (Video)

Flick Golf! Free, by Full Fat, gives us another version of Flick Golf, but this arcade-style duffer game is best played in short bursts to avoid excessive spending!

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Full Fat has long been know for creating some of the best “flick” games around. But, about the time they released Agent Dash, they began to go down a path similar to Zynga-like in-app purchases. Flick Golf! Free has a very exacting in-app purchase system. I got a total of 6 minutes of gameplay before I was offered $0.99 or $2.99 in app purchases to keep playing. The $0.99 is really weak because it only buys you another 6 minutes of play, while the $2.99 purchase unlocks the game. The Flick Golf part of the game is top notch, but the brutal in-app purchase system has totally turned off app users.


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Flick Golf! Free is nowhere to be found in the Top 200 of either the iOS App Store or the Google Play App Store. Unfortunately for Full Fat, they have moved away from providing a great user experience in lieu of trying to maximize revenue. My guess is that if they don’t change back to providing awesome games that are reasonably priced, they will become a developer of the past.

Flick Golf! Free is an awesome game, but not worth the time to download due to a horrible in-app purchase implementation in this free-to-play game.

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