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Classic iOS Time Waster, Flick Home Run Now On Android (Video)

The hit iOS time waster app, Flick Home Run, is now live for Android devices. Flick Home Run features 10 game modes, 9 tough balls to hit and lots of home runs, if you swing right.

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Flick Home Run is a simple swipe-to-hit-home-run-derby casual game that hit it big on the iPhone. This game later expanded to the iPad and now it has landed on the Android platform. The game is simple to play: use your finger, reflexes, and swipe at just the right time in hopes of hitting a home run. This game has a pinball arcade feel since there are items the ball hits, which provide points. You can hit balloons, buildings, cars and other items as you try to hit home runs. The balls you face are also whacky and based on their real-life pitch name.



The trick to unlocking additional game modes is leveling up your Power, Contact, and Batting Eye. These can only be done through playing the game and increasing steps, or through a very expensive in app purchase. I had an issue with Flick Home Run HD, the iPad version, due to how long it takes to level up. The Android version of Flick Home Run surely seems to be a better value because for starters, it is free!

Flick Home Run is a fun home run derby game with whacky balls, but unlocking game modes will take you some time! Batter Up!




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